5 Ways to Give Your Teeny Weeny Afro New Life!

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So, you've done the big chop and now you've got a teenyВ weeny afro. Your new length offers its own unique styling qualities. To make the most of your TWA time, fully explore your styling options, which are often more than we may think.

These five ways to jazz up your teeny weeny afro just might convince you to keep aВ short hairstyle.

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Ah, color! You know that platinum blonde color you always wanted but couldn't try without fear of your long, relaxed hair breaking off terribly as a result? Having a TWA allows you to fully play with color.

Without straightening chemicals on your tresses, a dramatic color switch won't be as damaging. You'll still have to be careful about conditioning regularly, but your shade options have opened up like never before with a short natural style.

Because your hair is so short, you can easily let one color grow out as you snip the ends away and then try something completely different. If color is one area you haven't been able to fully explore in the past, get ready to jazz up that TWA with a fresh tint.

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So many headbands, so little time. Forget those thick, plastic hair accessories with the grabby teeth. Today's headband selections are varied and in many cases, gentle enough for black hair. All colors, many textures and varieties can be found at inexpensive prices. The best bands to choose are either elastic and stretchy or covered with a satiny material.

Try Loza Tam HeadbandsВ in a variety of colors and styles or browse the huge handmade offerings on sites like Etsy.

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Barrettes and Pins

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The world of hair accessories is vast, and barrettes and pins of all types fit into it. From funky to bejeweled, you'll find these little hair adornments to coordinate with anything in your closet.

Some may not cling to the teeniest of the TWAs, but once your hair is about one inch long or so, you can slip a barrette into place for added flair. This also applies to studded or floral hairpins.В

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Either go the Billie Holiday route and tuck a huge flower behind your ear or get creative in other ways. Look in the accessories section of your favorite shop and you should find clip-on florals that attach to virtually anything.

Clip a large one onto a simple headband or several smaller ones to a big hairpin. If you're the DIY type, hot glue fabric flowers across the top of a plastic headband and make your own fashion statement.

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What better time to wear fabulous, attention-getting earrings than when you don't have to worry about long hair getting in the way and ruining the effect?

When you sport a TWA, you project a "what you see is what you get" attitude because there's nothing to hide behind. Sport those huge hoops, peacock feathers, natural gemstones, or any other earrings that beg for the spotlight.В

Sure, they're not exactly a hair accessory, but big, beautiful earrings can help you feel good about your TWA.