Breaking: Sephora Just Made a Huge Change to Its Rewards Program


Update: According to Sephora, there's actually no reason to freak out about expiring points. After rumors swept the web regarding changes to the store's rewards program policy, Sephora reached out to us to make a key clarification: Those points will expire after 18 monthsВ only if the account has been inactive during that time. So basically, you only need to worry if you haven't been shopping at Sephora in a good while-and suffice to say, that's probably not the case.В

Original story:В There are two types of Sephora shoppers: Those who thirstily cash in their rewards points on nearly every purchase, and those (including yours truly) whoВ patientlyВ rack them up for years at a time, holding out for one truly badass gift. Unfortunately, it looks as though the latter might be a dying breed. This week, Sephora announced that it will be making one key change to its Insider Rewards program: YourВ points now have an expiration date.

Shoppers who prefer the slow-and-steady approach should feelВ somewhatВ vindicated by the fact that the new deadline is a whole 18 months after earning the points in the first place-the tricky part, of course, is knowingВ the timeline of your own points. (Fortunately, that's pretty easy to track on Sephora's website.)В

And if nothing else, here's a silver lining (of sorts): It's a really good excuse to get shopping and rack up those points ASAP.

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