I Think I May Have Just Had the Most Expensive Bath of My Life

Lolita Says So

I'm not particularly big on baths and never really have been. I know it's the one thing so many people cite as the only way to dissolve their stress, but I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I usually get too cold and too bored too quickly to make them worth my while.

Alas, in keeping with our March theme of Less Noise, in which we're all trying to spend a little more time unplugged from our many devices, I made a pact with myself to try and learn to love a bath, if for nothing else but to pass the time while I'm on an Instagram ban.

So I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to trial a product specifically intended to help me on my technology purge as well as bolster my bathing experience, was I? Could the Pursoma Digital Detox Bath (ВЈ30) bring out my inner water baby? I was sure as hell going to find out.

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First thing to straighten out is the "detox" element to the name. Really, that's about how the product detoxifies the skin. The digital detox part relies on you simply leaving your iPhone behind whilst you soak. First step = completed.

I was just as shocked as you'll be to learn that the packet contains only a single bath's use. Yes-I was about to sink ВЈ30 on a single bath. Not to mention how much half an hour's burn time of my Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Candle (ВЈ45) would cost me. Could this be the most expensive bath of my life? Quite possibly.

After running the tub with warm water, the first step is to pour the entire contents of the sachet into the bath, save for a little baggie of greenish powder. It's basically a whole load of sea salts, which I know from previous research are brilliant at easing tired muscles and drawing trapped toxins towards the skin's surface to be set free into the world. So good so far-if I'm going to have a bath, I want to make sure it's actually going to do something. There were so many granules in there that it took a fair while and a whole lot of swishing to make them dissolve, but the dreamy scent of eucalyptus they emitted made it all worth it.

Of course, I made sure I had a good few glugs of wine tub-side. Maybe this bathing stuff isn't so unpleasant after all. Although, will the alcohol undo all the detoxifying? I decided it was best not to think about it, and took the plunge.

Once submerged, it was time to reach for that green powder (note to self-leave it on the side of the bath and not across the room next time) and sprinkle it throughout the water. A swirling, tie-dye, colourful Lush bath bomb this was not-just as I had suspected, what I later learned was Montmorillonite clay turned the bath water a rather unfortunate shade of grey. Like dirty dish water that's been left for days. Thankfully, it didn't look so rancid by candlelight.

The purpose of the clay, just like your favourite clay mask, is to suck all the toxins from the skin and leave it looking clearer, which proves particularly beneficial if you tend to get any spots across your back. It helps bind to toxins like heavy metals, impurities and chemicals and make them more soluble so they'll have an easier time leaving the body.

I didn't really miss my phone, although the thought did cross my mind that the bath setup would make for a good Instagram. But I managed (well, forced myself) to stay in for a full 20 minutes before letting the water out. I must note that had nothing to do with the product but more my impatience. Back in the harsh light, it did leave a nasty-looking ring around the bath, but thankfully, that rinsed off straight away.

Now to inspect: My legs and arms certainly felt a lot softer, as though I had already applied a heavy helping of body lotion. And I swear my post-run calves felt a little looser than usual. As with most "detox" products, the true effects are less visible, but I'm certain it did more than if I bathed in water alone. Okay, I'm into this.

Now, I may not be ready to start running another bath just yet, but when I do, I would quite like it to be accompanied by this packet of weird, salty green goodness. When you take into consideration just how rare my bath times are, ВЈ30 every few months doesn't seem so pricey after all.