The Hair Color Every Celeb Is Getting This Summer

The Hair Color Every Celeb Is Getting This Summer

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If the saying blondes have more fun can be attributed to the fact that blond hair color is so diverse and multifaceted, then we'd have to agree that that statement is indeed true. You can't describe blond hair in one universal way: There's dirty blond, sandy blond, ice blond, golden blond, platinum blond… We could go on. And one thing's for sure: The It blond shade of summer 2016 is without a doubt the “high-lift blond.” It's not platinum, it's not icy-it's just a more modern take on bleached hair (think less Pam Anderson and more Kate Bosworth).

Celebs everywhere are turning their flaxen locks this bright, high-fashion hue for summer, foregoing beach-bunny blond and opting for something a bit more editorial. Sorry, white blond-golden bleached hair is now taking strands by storm, and we're loving every minute of it. Check out some of our favorite blond celebrities rocking the shade of the moment below!


Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie had to go platinum (and pink and blue) for Suicide Squad, but lately, for the press tour, she's taken her locks to a sunny new hue (with dark roots, to boot).

“This color is a high-lift blond with highlights to give it a multidimensional and more natural look,” says celebrity colorist Rita Hazan. If you're thinking of taking the blond plunge, fair warning: “Be careful. Not everyone can pull this color off. It can go so very orange if your base is too dark and you try to lighten it up too much. Ask for a color that works with your skin tone and hair color with pictures as inspiration, but not direction,” she urges.


Karlie Kloss

The supermodel is a bit of a hair trendsetter (remember when buddy T.Swift opted for the same side-parted bob with bangs shortly after Kloss made the chop?). Now, Kloss is following the trend, taking her already blond hair to a brighter new dimension.

Getty/Donato Sardella

Ashley Olsen

We've seen the fashion mogul go mega-blond before, but this chic new shade makes her hair look like spun gold. We dig!

If you choose to get this color done yourself, Tiffanie Richards, colorist at Nunzio Saviano Salon in NYC, has some tips for you: “I always suggest bringing photos into the salon if you have a specific look in mind. If you for some reason don't have access to a photo, I would emphasize that you're looking for a super-bright beige/pale blond with minimal contrast.”

As far as care goes, Richards says it's all in the conditioner: “Conditioner is the most important product you can use when going super blond. Without conditioner, it's inevitable that your hair will break. This look has to be taken care of at home just as much as in the salon. While in the salon, you can ask your colorist to use Olaplex. This product is absolutely amazing. It goes right into the lightener and works while your hair is getting blonder, preventing all breakage.”

Hazan swears by her three-step system for ideal upkeep. “Shampoo, gloss, and condition-this will keep hair hydrated and you won't lose the color. The gloss step is very important for keeping hair healthy and color vibrant. I recommend using my Breaking Brass gloss ($26) every time you wash. It prevents fading and brassiness while keeping the hair shiny and healthy. It's also important to use a product like my Triple Threat Split End Remedy ($30) to avoid breakage.”
What's your favorite hair color to wear in the summertime? Tell us below!


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