How to Look Younger Without Botox, by Chriselle Lim

These days, being a multihyphenate is practically a requirement for running a successful blog-but Chriselle Lim, creator of The Chriselle Factor, was one of the first. Stylist, trendsetter, outfit-inspirer… and now a new mom, lifestyle icon, and beauty authority (you may have seen her recent videos with Estée Lauder), Lim is an influencer in the ultimate sense of the word-which is exactly why we're thrilled to have her on board as a Byrdie contributor. Each month, she'll be sharing all of her beauty favorites-from the best beauty tips she picked up on her travels (and trust us, there's a lot) to the new products she's currently coveting. For this month's column, she's sharing some of her best anti-aging secrets. Enjoy!

Hi, Byrdie readers! Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor here. Today I wanted to talk about the one thing most women dread… aging! Let's be real: We all get to a point where we ask ourselves Should I try it? Yes, I'm talking about Botox and fillers. But the next time you find yourself asking these questions, I hope that you will consider these tips before doing so. These are tips and tricks I learned along the way from my beauty-obsessed mom, a reliable friend, or just some good old research on the internet. I have personally tried and seen some sort of results with these tips-some immediate and some not. I've also realized that a big part of looking younger is related to skin, and even though not all of the tips are skin-related, you will find that the majority are. Keep scrolling for the list!

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Tip #1: Drink 10 to 12 cup of water a day.

Results seen in:В Five to sevenВ daysВ

This might be an obvious one, but I can't emphasize how important it is. I also find myself forgetting this one, since it is easily overlooked. I find my skin at it's best when I'm drinking 10 to 12 cups of water a day. That pretty much means carrying around a large bottle of water with me wherever I go. It's a hassle, but it's so worth it. When you are hydrated internally, your skin will reflect it. You will have a dewy and clear compleion that will instantly make you look more vibrant. So, let this be a reminder to you to drink more water on a daily basis! And if you have a hard time drinking plain water like myself, then you might want to try spiking your water as seen here on my blog.

Invest in a stylish water bottle that you'll want to bring with you everywhere. This will remind you to stay hydrated throughout your day.

Karen Rosalie

Tip #2:В Take supplements.

Results seen in: Four to fiveВ months

I actually adopted this habit from my mom. I would watch my mom pop pills (from vitamins to beauty pills ) every day religiously in the morning. I don't know about you but I hateВ swallowing pills. I've hated it as a kid and I still hate it to this day, but I've made it part of my morning routine before I run out the door to work. Other than my daily dose of vitamins, I've also been takingevening primrose supplements. I first discovered these when I took a work trip to Greece. I visited the very first Korres pharmacy in Greece, and they were all raving about their primrose capsules. Then, I found out that my mom also has been taking them for years now! So, what is it? It is super rich in omega-6 fatty acids and also includes hemp, spirulina, and black currant oils. Taking evening primrose also has many physical benefits, including relief from brittle nails, sunburn, and acne. It promotes internal hydration, giving a glow to the skin. I also take hyaluronic acid supplements, which help in retaining skin elasticity and moisture.

Karen Rosalie

Tip #3: Get a beauty drip.
Results seen in: A few hours

Karen Rosalie

Tip #4: Roll and lift.

Results seen in:В Three to four weeks

I discovered this little rolling tool in Korea years ago, but I was not able to find it anywhere here in the states until Dr. Jart+ came out with one. If you follow me on Snapchat, you know I use this practically every day. It's a sculpting tool that promotes tightness and lifts the skin. As we get older, we lose elasticity in the skin, but with this tool, I'm able to give myself a non-invasive face lift. It's also a great tool to relax your muscles and drain the lymph nodes. Click here to see three other DIY face massages I give myself on a daily basis.

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Tip #5: Drink green tea.

Results seen in:В One to two months

I drink two cups of green tea every day, whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or night. I've been slowly trying to replace my two cups of coffee with two cups of green tea during the day as well. Why? Because it's filled with antioxidants that promote skin elasticity. There are also green tea tablets you can get that are more potent, but if you're like me and hate swallowing pills, just try replacing your coffee with green tea instead. Baby steps!В Speaking of green tea benefits, here's how green tea bags can actually make your dark circles disappear.

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Tip #6:В GetВ a non-invasive facial treatment.

Results seen after:В Three to four sessions

There are so many amazing and accessible places nowadays with non-invasive treatments that help regenerate your skin cells. One of those places is Skin Laundry, a drop-in skin clinic which is super reasonable in pricing and allows you to go in and out in 10 to 15 minutes. Although I love my luxurious spas and facials-well, who has the time for that nowadays? It usually takes about three to five treatments before you see a significant difference. Your skin will feel tighter, look brighter, and all around younger.

Karen Rosalie

Tip #7: Sweat.

Results seen after:В Two to three times

What is good for the body is good for the skin. Sweating is always a good idea, as it detoxifies your body and cleans out your skin. Whether it be Bikram yoga, a good workout session, or just sitting in the sauna a few times a week, all of these things will help your skin glow. This is the reason why bath houses are so popular in Korean culture! Women love to just detox their bodies and sit in that hot steam room to sweat it all out. (And don't forget about the other Korean beauty secrets I learned while I was in Seoul.)

I hope that these tips have helped inspired you to try something new in your routine! Remember that aging is just part of theВ process, and it's a beautiful thing! Whether you decide to move forward with Botox or fillers or go the natural route, I hope you will give these a try.В

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