The Secret to Getting Perfectly Feathered Brows Lies in These Eyebrow Brushes

The Secret to Getting Perfectly Feathered Brows Lies in These Eyebrow Brushes

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My hair could be freshly styled by a celebrity stylist, my skin could have a post-facial glow, and my makeup could be perfectly applied, but if my eyebrows aren't done, then I don't feel done. And by "done," I don't necessarily mean filled-in with a bevy of different brow products.

As long as I have my trusty brow spoolie to brush up the individual hairs and make my arches look fluffy and full, I'm all set. If i happen to have my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo ($23) on hand, even better. But really, it's all about the brushes. And I'm not the only person who thinks so.

"Brushes are used to blend makeup and keep eyebrow hairs in place," says Sabah Ferox, a brow expert atВ Blink Brow Bar.В "They're necessary to creating the exact brow look you want. A brow brush helps to evenly blend product and make the eyebrows look more natural."

So without further ado, here are the six best brow brushesВ to use for any type of eyebrow product.

Short Angled Brush

BBrowbar Brow Sculpter Brush $25Shop

"For people with light brows or gaps/sparse hairs, brushes help to naturally fill in spots or darken the skin behind existing hair," Ferox says. "Brushes do a good job of evenly distributing product where needed. For example, just using a pencil will cause some parts of the brow to look darker, because the strokes are fine and distinct. A brush will help blend stokes and create an overall fuller look." She likes this angled brush from BBrowbar, and suggests using it to apply a pomade or wax-based product (the short, dense bristles will keep the pomade looking clean and well-placed).

Eyebrow Spoolie

BBrowbar Eyebrow Tamer $20Shop

"A brow tamer can be used for everything-pens, pencils, and creams," Ferox shares. They're especially useful if you prefer a powder product (like the aforementioned Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder, $23). Ferox recommends using a sponge applicator to first deposit the pigment and then combing through with the brow tamer to blend out for a more natural look.

Eyebrow Comb

Sephora Collection Pro Brow Comb #21 $15Shop

"Brow brushes are important tools that help you define or create a beautifully shaped eye brows," says Kristine Cruz, senior makeup artist at Antonio Prieto Salon. "The different types also help apply cream, wax, gel, or powder eyebrow makeup." This dual-ended brush and comb is best meant for grooming and maintaining naturally thick brows, whether that means brushing them up and out to shape them, or combing the hairs up to trim and tweeze.

Classic Angled Brush

Tom Ford Angled Brow Brush $59Shop

We can't not include a classic sharp-angled brush. Cruz says that these are best for creating "defined" eyebrows, since the angled tip makes it easy to create thin lines and fill in empty gaps. We like this ultra-luxurious brush from Tom Ford. It's expensive but worth it if your brows are the most important part of your makeup routine. You'll love how the high quality bristles create super-natural hair-like strokes.В

Dual-Ended Angle and Spoolie Brush

Billion Dollar Brows Brow Brush $16Shop

Celebrity makeup artist Brittany Spyksma prefers a dual-ended brush that includes both an angled brush and a tamer or spoolie. "Eyebrow brushes are very important to my makeup kit," she tells us. "Every look from the most subtle to dramatic should use a brow brush. I like an angled brush that's firm but not too stiff for defining brows. I feel like I can define the shape or blend out product to avoid overly harsh edges. "

Brett Freedman Dual-Sided Angle Spoolie Eyebrow Brush $18Shop

"I start every brow look by combing up the brows with the spiral to see exactly what I'm working with," Spyksma says. She also recommends this dual-sided brush from Brett Freedman Beauty. "After applying products, I like to comb through again to make sure it has a real, natural feel." Having both brush ends on one tool makes it easy to create a number of different brow looks by simply flipping the tool around.

Now that you have the perfect brow brush to apply them with, see the best eyebrow products for thickening and defining sparse brows.


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