Exclusive: Eva Longoria Actually Colors Her Own Hair

Despite being 5'2", Eva Longoria had a larger-than-life presence at the L'OrГ©al Women of Worth event earlier this month. Flashing a beaming smile, the actress was clearly proud to be a part of such an incredible initiative. A little backstory on the event: For 10В years, L'OrГ©al has recognized women who have ignited self-worth and tirelessly given back toВ society. At this year's event, the brand honored 10 women, awarding them $10,000 each toward their organizationВ of choice, with one lucky woman being selected via public vote to receive an additional $25,000 toward her cause. Talk about having some serious inner beauty.

As an active philanthropist herself, Longoria embodies the type of woman we look up to. And in addition to her heart of gold, Longoria's outer beauty is clear. We wanted to get the inside scoop on how the incredibly busy actress stays looking radiant, and were surprised by some of her secrets!

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BYRDIE: What did the women in your life teach you about beauty growing up?

Eva Longoria:В Growing up, I picked up lots of beauty tips and tricks and new products to try. But I think the most important thing I learned about beauty from the women in my family and my female friends is that inner beauty and outer beauty are completely linked. When you feel beautiful inside, you look beautiful on the outside. When I'm happy, my skin looks better and I have more energy. By the same token, if I'm getting ready for a big night out with my girlfriends, I love getting dressed up and glammed up. I swear that sometimes the perfect red lip can actually lift your mood!

BYRDIE: What are some beauty tips you've learned working in the industry that have stayed with you throughout the years?

EL: Sometimes I use a bit of concealer as a base on my eyelids since it can help my eye shadow stay in place longer and it's one less product to lug around since I usually always have a concealer in my bag. When I visit colder climates, my skin can look a little dull, so I bring a highlighter or illuminator, like L'Oréal True Match Lumi($13), with me to use on my cheekbones and brow bone and just under my eyebrows to help give me a “dewy glow” look.

BYRDIE: We're so excited for Telenovela. The look seems to be all about the big hair and wow-factor makeup. Are these looks reminiscent of anything you experimented with when you were a teen?

EL:В The big hair, not really. The wow-factor makeup, that's a different story. As a teen, I definitely experimented with different makeup looks and went a little over the top more than a few times!

BYRDIE: How does the hair and makeup for Telenovela differ from, say, Desperate Housewives?

EL:В Well, the characters and storyline are totally different, although they both have their over-the-top moments. With Telenovela, we definitely play a bit more with hair and makeup considering the show's setting, which is a lot of fun.

BYRDIE: What would people be surprised to learn about your beauty routine?В

EL:В I think people would be surprised to know that I have colored my hair at home. I think L'OrГ©al makes a great product that I am proud to use and that can be a lifesaver for busy women on the go. Plus it's affordable and easy to get at any store. Don't believe me? Check my Instagram and you'll see I'm not afraid to color my hair at home!

BYRDIE: And what about your fitness routine?

EL:В Fitness wise, I think I've found my groove in terms of a balanced diet and the right amount of exercise for me. I'll never be someone who is a slave to the gym, but I also definitely work out since it's important to be healthy, and I actually think exercise can lift your mood, whether it's rocking out to great music while doing cardio or finding a bit of inner peace during yoga.В

BYRDIE: What's one beauty product we'd always find in your purse?

EL:В Probably L'OrГ©al's Voluminous MascaraВ ($9) or Colour Riche LipstickВ ($9).В

Ed. note: This interview has been edited for content.

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Opening image:В Getty/Neilson Barnard