Using Color Correctors to Cover Up Dark Circles and Hyperpigmentation

I'm going to go out on aВ limb and say that concealer is the most game-changing product inВ your makeup bag. When sleep sounds like a luxury because busy is your default state, beauty products that give you a "fake it till you make it" slash "I have my shit together" (but I really don't) glow become your best friend. You might wake up with designer bags underneath your eyes and a blemish or two that showed up unannounced, but that's where color correctors come in. These concealersВ are available in an array of shades suited for all skin tones that conceal blemishes, cover up dark circles, hide hyperpigmentation, brighten your complexion, give your skin the ultimate sculpting effect for a snatched contour, and more.В

Color correctors can feel quite intimidating if you're unsure how to use them, especially because many of them come in unexpected rainbow colors that don't look like they belong on your face.В Their purpose is toВ cancel out dark circles and dark spots. Trust, I've goneВ on andВ on andВ on about my dark spots in the past. The thing is, I spend so much time taking care of my skin, but I still suffer from hyperpigmentation. So when I want a flawless foundation look, color correctors cover up my problem areas like pure magic.В

I tapped pro makeup artists to lay out theВ full guide on color-correcting dark circles and hyperpigmentation.В GlamsquadВ New York regional makeup expertВ Lauren Lebowitz and celebrity makeup artistВ Jenna Kristina of The Wall Group explain exactly how to color-correct correctly toВ addressВ these skin concerns below.В

How to Color-Correct Dark Circles


With color-correcting, Lebowitz takes a simple approach and brings it back to color theory. "Opposite colors on top of one another will cancel each other out," she explains. "My rule of thumb is unripe bananas for cherries and oranges for blueberries." How amazing is that analogy? In other words, yellow and green color correctors counteract red undertones and orange and peach color correctors counteractВ blue undertones. We'll address even more on which color-correcting concealer shade works for your skin tone later. Apply the color-correcting shade that works for you underneath your eyes, and then apply a concealer shade closer to your skin tone on top of that corrector to cover up the dark circles. You'll be amazed at the results.В

Kristina follows the same color-cancellation routine for dark circles. "For eyes, I usually use something with a pink or peach tone, depending on skin tone, to help cancel out the blue tone of tired under-eyes," she says. "I tap that color in the fold under the eye and then I use the correct concealer color on top of that to blend with the client's skin tone."В

In summary, 1) use the color corrector that works well with your undertones underneath your eye, and 2) apply your go-to, regular concealer of choice that's closest to your complexion on top of that color, and blend it out to cancel out the look of your dark circles.В

How to Color-Correct Hyperpigmentation

Don't stress over blemishes. They're easy to hide with color-correcting. Lebowitz suggests following the same routine as above for hyperpigmentation. "You want to neutralize the dark spot with a color corrector, and then put the product on top," she explains. "The only difference is to really make sure the coverage is opaque before adding a color on top to match the rest of your skin."В

Kristina relates color-correcting dark spots to a tattoo cover-up technique. She uses a color corrector fit for her clients' skin tones and then applies a generous layer of concealer on top to mask those spots. So think of it as a thorough spot-treatment technique. On your bare face, tap your color corrector on top of each blemish. Then, apply a full-coverage concealer and foundation of your choice on top toВ cover the blemish.В В

How to Find the Right Color-Corrector for Your Skin Tone

The intensity of color-correcting shades varies depending on skin tones. A rule of thumb Lebowitz swears by is to keepВ your correctors a little warmer to neutralize without making the skin appear gray and ashy.В "For deeper skin tones, going warmer is especially key because you want to keep the richness of your skin and avoid the skin looking too gray or purple," she explains.В

Kristina breaks it down like this: "For fair skin, I use a pink undertone to brighten. For medium to dark skin, I use a peach or apricot color corrector, depending on how dark the skin is. And for olive skin, I use aВ mustard tone with a slight hint of green to really blend in with the skin."В

Pro-Approved Color Correctors

Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer Concealer and Foundation #9 $48ShopKevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer Concealer and Foundation #13 $48Shop

Lebowitz loves using this concealer in shade #9 for lighter skin and #13 for deeper skin. "A little bit goes a long way," she says. "The concealer has honey andВ jojoba oil, so it won't crease on on you, giving your skin the most amazing natural, radiant finish."В

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey $30Shop

"It's buildable, long-wearing, and easy to layer under your concealer," Lebowitz says.В

Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer $29Shop

Lebowitz loves this gem because of how versatile the coverage is. "You can use it anywhere on the face, under the eyes, to contour, or as a foundation. It truly blends your skin to perfection," she explains.В

Bobbi Brown Under Eye Corrector $28Shop

Kristina is a fan of these creamy color correctors because of the line's diverse shade range. "There are so many colors, so most skin tones can find a shade," she says.В

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector $32Shop

Kristina also suggests these correctors, which the brand describes as "eight hours of sleep in a jar." They're specially made for brightening the look of dark circles.В The brand heard our cries and now offers a shade for medium/deep skin tones too.

Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Palette, Corrector Light $28Shop

Kristina loves this gigantic palette because it covers all concerns. It has correctors that work wonders for all skin tones.В

These are a few of our other fav color correctors we've spottedВ in makeup artists' bags, backstage at New York Fashion Week, on set at photo shoots, and more to treat dark circles and dark spots.В

MAC Cosmetics Conceal and Correct Palette $40ShopNyx Color Correcting Palette $8ShopDior Fix It 2-in-1 Prime & Color Correct $36ShopSmashbox Color Correcting Stick Look Less Tired $25ShopUrban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid $29ShopMake Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Radiant Primer $37ShopStila Cosmetics Correct & Perfect All-in-One Color Correcting Palette $45Shop

Next: more on how to use every type of color-correcting concealer for your skin tone.В