Exclusive: Ciara Tells Us Her #1 Dieting Secret

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I don't know about you, but when I hear the name Ciara, "Goodies" immediately starts playing in my head (then, of course, keeps replaying all day long). So you can imagine the internal chuckle I had when the singer/songwriter/dancer/model (okay, Wonder Woman) told me recently that she was excited to receive a box of goodies from Revlon, of which she is now the brand ambassador.

It's quite a fitting role for the newlywed (um, how cute are she and Russell Wilson?) given that she's incredibly stunning, not to mention kind-hearted. At various times throughout our chat, she stopped my many compliments to say "thank you so much," once even saying "I'm so sorry" when she misheard a question. She's a class act. Revlon, you picked a good one.

So on top of wanting to hear what her favorite Revlon "goodies" are, I also needed to know a slew of other things about Ciara-namely, how she maintains that incredible body. To discover all of these answers and so much more, keep scrolling.

It was clear right away that Ciara's a big fan of brows, and just looking at her pristine arches, it's not difficult to gather that information. "I think eyebrows are so important in reference to an overall makeup look, and it kind of sets the tone for where the makeup should go from there.

"One product that I started using years ago is the Revlon brow pencil ($9). What I love about it is I was able to do my eyebrows, but it wasn't too heavy and it was the perfect color-the way that the actual pencil draws shape into your eyebrows. It doesn't go too heavy from the start, and sometimes I feel like there's a challenge with pencils with that, but I like that I can fill in my eyebrows perfectly and evenly, and I like being able to follow up with the actual brush to really pull the shape all the way together."

Insistent that she's a makeup minimalist, Ciara shared a few of her other quick routine must-haves. "I also love the All-in-One Mascara ($9). It really gives your eyelashes a lift and it also gives them a longer look. And I always put on a little bit of concealer under my eyes, and that's literally my 5- to 10-minute process of items that I use for my everyday look. And, of course, the matte lip color that I just discovered."

Her usual routine may consist of only a few products, but the quintuple-threat actually loves going barefaced. Who could blame her when she looks fresh off a magazine cover without a drop of foundation? I wanted, nay needed, to know her secrets for looking beautiful sans makeup.

"Going bare is kind of one of those things that I've actually loved over time, and actually, I was kind of finding my confidence, like you know, maybe I don't want to wear makeup all the time. And I'll be honest: I think it's really all about confidence. I just learned to be comfortable with not wearing makeup all the time, and I like it because it does make life easier. I do think moisturizing your face is important and washing your face two times a day is important to me, and then a little concealer under the eye always does the trick to me, you know, if you kind of want to go for a super-natural look, but you kind of want to give the-what do you call it? You know, your in-the-bed look, but I feel like when you go with your natural self, it instantly boosts your confidence. And, of course, again-eyebrows! If you've got the eyebrow right, you're good with wearing no makeup at all." We told you she's a brow enthusiast.

On top of cleansing and moisturizing, Ciara's obsessed with getting a special kind of skin treatment to keep everything intact. "One thing I've been doing that I discovered years ago is Microderm. I really love doing Microderm. I'm addicted to it. I actually haven't done it in a while, but I got addicted to it because you can really see the difference-your before and after is huge, and every time you've always got a nice glow after like you've gotten rid some of those old dead skin cells."

You've probably seen Ciara and Russell Wilson's incredible wedding pictures after their secret nuptials in England (in a castle, no less), so I asked her how she decided on her stunning final bridal beauty look.

"That's such a special day, and it was so important to me that I had more of a natural makeup look. I wanted to be my natural self, but I wanted a bit more of an extra pop so the photos could be as perfect as they could be. My makeup artist, Yolanda, and I had a great understanding, and we kind of went for the 'natural pop' look, if that makes any sense. So you kind of have the natural foundation and you highlight your features, but of course, the application is a bit fuller. And to be able to withstand a long day, you know, of taking photos, walking down the aisle, and sweating, and then you have to party later on-so it needed to be durable for the day as well."

Finally, that body. I needed every last detail. What does she do? What does she eat? How does she do it? I (kindly) asked her to spill all the deets.

"For training, I train four to five days a week-one-hour sessions-but I also give my body a break, too. I don't train every day of my life. Ultimately, it's about balance, from what you eat to working out, and for me, what I've learned is that what you eat is the most important part. You can go to the gym and eat a burrito after and be like, 'I went to the gym, so it doesn't matter,' but you'll never get the body you want that way, so I eat in moderation. I eat five to eight small meals a day, and I'm really, really consistent with my regimen. And also, I drink tons of water."

"My trainer, Gunnar Peterson, has these shoes where you put them on and you can fly. So you're getting an aerobic workout and you're also getting a cardiovascular workout for your heart rate-and also some dancing at the same time. You feel like you're dancing, but you're not quite dancing." So flying dancing shoes are the secret to Ciara's body? Fine. Sign us up.

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