The 5 Best-Smelling Hair Oils

Having amazing hair is one thing, but amazing-smelling hair? That's a whole other ball game. Sure, we love our sacred shower essentials for delivering a beautiful scent while we suds and scrub, but in all honesty, by the time we've brushed, blown, and styled, that beautiful aroma is a thing of the past. Besides, as much as we appreciate a luxurious scent, heavily fragranced hair products meant to cleanse (not smell) are probably not the healthiest option for your tresses anyway.

That being said, we can't deny the glee we experience when someone comments on how amazing our hair smells. In fact, we kind of live for it. So, what's the secret? Two words: hair oil. Delivering moisture, nutrients, and an addictive scent, hair oils are your best bet for achieving healthy, shiny, and seriously sniff-worthy hair. Keep scrolling for our five best-smelling picks!В

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