The Makeup Products Team Byrdie Couldn't Stop Talking About in December

We get really excited this time of the month, pausing to reflect on the best products we've tried in the past 30 days or so (which is both incredibly fun and incredibly difficult). We have a fun surprise up our sleeves: Whereas before we dedicatedВ one lone "best-of" postВ to every kind of beauty product-from hair products to makeup to skincare-we've decided to split up ourВ favorite categoriesВ each month to provide specific insight into what we've been loving, trying, and recommending to everyone we know. Right here, right now, we're talking makeup. Behold theВ 10 best makeup products Team Byrdie tried and quickly fell head over heels for during the month of December. Oh, and they just might be some of our favorites thus far in 2018. Keep scrolling for the blushes, shadows, and lipsticks (so festive!) we couldn't stop swiping.

Chanel Multi-Use Glow Stick in Transparent $45Shop

"This chic new product from Chanel is the dewy highlighting stick of my dreams. It actually comes in two finishes, Transparent and Sculpting (which has more of a pearly tinge), and I love both equally. But if IВ hadВ to choose, I'd go with Transparent. It gives the most gorgeous light-reflecting glow wherever you apply and has just the slightest hint of shimmer for a three-dimensional dewy effect. You can use it anywhere, but I swipe it directly on my cheekbones and Cupid's bow and then tap it in with my fingers and even use it on my eyes for a wet effect."

Glossier Boy Brow in Brown $16Shop

"I was shocked at how much I loved Boy Brow when I tried it out earlier this monthВ for another Byrdie story. I know it's been a holy-grail item for the brand, but I was never previously into tinted gels until now. I thought they didn't offer enough color and coverage to properly fill in my brows. I was wrong.В Immediately after I used it, my browsВ were beefed up, in place, and feathered out nicely."

Rouje Paris Lip Palette in Les 4 Rouge $45Shop

"Jeanne Damas has been one of my present-day beauty icons for a long time. She serves Jane Birkin vibes more flawlessly than anyone else I can think of. She's effortless-looking, all the way down to her stain-like lipstick. SoВ when her brand,В Rouje, launched a lipstick collection, I was pretty giddy. Turns out the products live up to the hype. Her palette, a gold compact filled with four perfect shades (true red, brick red, mauve, and berry) is my absolute favorite. I keep it in my bag and press it on my lips with my finger."

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner $22Shop

"Something about the weather turning colder makes me want to swap out my usual smudged pencil liner for a sharp cat eye. I've found some felt-tip products that work fine, but any time I try to touch up the line, the tip sort of erases the work I've already done. So when Stila's creative director came into our office one day with a jet-black, pristine cat eye, I had to know her secrets. Of course, the product is made by Stila and is perhaps one of the brand's best-selling: Stay All Day Liquid Liner. With just one fluid stroke, I'm left with a bold, straight line, and the best part is touch-ups are a total breeze, no erasure in sight."

Too Faced Twinkle Twinkle Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow in Macchiato Madness $22Shop

"For a recent holiday-party eye makeup look, I layered some of Too Faced's new glitter liquid eye shadow in this cool brownish-purple shade over Milk's eye pigment in Silent Disco, and literally dozens of people asked what was the magical sparkly stuff on my eyes. It was effortless to apply from the tube, dried down beautifully, and stayed put all night."

LancГґme Monsieur Big Mascara $25Shop

"I'm one of those peopleВ whoВ like to put a little mascara onВ their eyelash extensions (judge me), but it's hard to find a mascara that offers volume but also won't totally destroy the lashes. Whether you have extensions or not, I seriously recommend this high-impact mascara from LancГґme, which I received from my roomie and fellow editor, Erin. I can't remember the last time I found a mascara that makes my lashes look that crazy-thiqqВ (but also isn't impossible to remove)."

Cosmic Face Setting Powder $30Shop

"I've neverВ everВ been one for setting powder because I'm not into matte, overly perfected skin (at least not on myself), but I was recently moved to give this shimmery gold product a try after meeting with the brand founder, who promised it would create an Instagram filter-like finish. Skeptically, I applied the product on top of my foundation and concealer with a fluffy brush and holy guacamole. My skin has literally never looked more flawless (but not overdone flawless). The finish it leaves isn't sparkly or fake-looking-just glowy (but also matte somehow). It's so good it's hard to explain. Game-changing. The first time I wore a full face of makeup topped with this powder, my roommate was literally frightened at how good my skin looked, and I've been addicted to it ever since."

Make Beauty Lip Vinyl $18Shop

I'm not normally a glossy red lip person, but Make's brand-new Lip Vinyl has me officially turned. It's supremely glossy-like bright red pleather in all the right ways-and also keeps my lips conditioned and soft thanks to a concoction of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E.

Urban Decay On the Run Mini Palette in Detour $25Shop

Slowly but surely this year, I've begun to grow past my intimidation and overall dislike of eye shadow (on myself, that is). Over the pastВ 12 months, I've beenВ doing a lot of experimenting, but it wasn't until I was sentВ Urban Decay'sВ Born to Run Eyeshadow Palette ($49) that I felt officially Team Shadow. Therefore, it's no surpriseВ at howВ obsessed I am with the brand'sВ just-launched trio of travel-friendly mini palettesВ inspired byВ the Born to Run Palette. All three members of the trio are great, but I've been using this blue-centric pick most often.

BareMinerals Gen Nude Powder Blush $24Shop

"I tried this blush for the first time at the recommendation of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She waxed poetic about it during her Rose Inc. x BareMinerals masterclass, saying it was the perfect shade to finish off a glowy makeup look. I must say, I agree. The pink-brown color looks amazing on every single skin tone I've seen it applied to since it defines the cheeks in a soft and natural manner. Even though I usually prefer cream blushes over powder, I've been using this almost every single day without fail."