It's Official: "Banana Buns" Are the Hairstyle French Girls Can't Stop Pinning

It's Official: "Banana Buns" Are the Hairstyle French Girls Can't Stop Pinning

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Rolling out of bed with the perfect head of tousled locks would be ideal. However, that doesn't actually happen as much as we would like. Luckily, there is an easy alternative: banana buns. According to Pinterest insights, French girls are looking for "messy" and "easy" hairstyles (+68% YoY), and the one style they are gravitating toward is the banana bun.

Unlike high-maintenance sock buns that were popular back in 2013, the banana bun is an Гјber-chic low-slung hairstyle that takes but a couple of minutes to re-create. According to Amanda Switzer, our contact at Pinterest, the banana bun is "a messier take on the French twist that sits low on your neck. Just roll up your hair, pop in some bobby pins, and you're set with this chic, stylish and effortless look." So why is this chignon/messy bun hybrid coined the banana bun? While we can't say for certain, it is likely due to the bun's shape, which is slightly longer and more vertical than your typical twist. To get a better glimpse at the Parisian-girl equivalent to the ponytail, keep on reading. (Scroll all the way to the bottom for a video tutorial from Suave Professionals celebrity stylist Jenny Cho!)

The messier the better, as seen by this asymmetrical chignon, aka the banana bun. Use Ouai's Wave Spray ($26) to give your tresses some tousled texture.

Hold your perfectly undone bun in place with a loose hold hair spray like R+Co's Outerspace Flexible Hairspray ($17).

Weekend hair at its finest, the banana bun looks all the better with a few face-framing layers tousled about. Try applying Living Proof's Full Thickening Mousse ($27) to the roots for added volume at the crown.

Can't decide if you want to wear your hair down or in a low bun? Leave out your front layers for an extremely messy yet ultra-chic bun, which you can secure with Goody's Bobby Pin Pack ($3).

Sweep your natural tresses into a chic banana bun and loosely secure your style with a pretty clip like Free People's Pearl Inset Claw ($12).

Do as our friends in France do, and turn the classic chignon on its side for a more modern take on the old-school bun. To keep your bun from slipping, add some Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo ($24) to the roots for volume and extra hold.

Want to learn how to create the banana bun yourself? Watch Suave Professionals celebrity stylist Jenny Cho recreate it on Byrdie's Facebook below!

This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.


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