Is This the Holy Grail of DIY Teeth Whitening?

Getty Images / Antonello Trio

In the quest for whiter teeth (arguably a woman's very best accessory), we've subjected ourselves to all manner of dental procedures, not to mention trips to the dreaded dentist's chair. Each presents their own list of pros and cons, but really we just want something that's easy and works-doesn't everyone? So, when a little tube of Carbon CocoВ crossed our desk, it raised the question: Could this be a contender for the best DIY teeth whitener out there?

The buzz around using activated charcoal as a health product traces back to ancient Egypt, when it was used predominantly for its detoxifying qualities. That's why companies Carbon CocoВ turned to the, ironically jet black, ingredient as an option for teeth whitening. When activated, charcoal becomes highly porous. Its natural adhesive characteristics can then bind with stains, absorb toxic chemicals, and draw them all out. The result, according to Carbon Coco, is a whiter smile, and overall better oral health using simple and 100% natural products. As for whether Carbon Coco earnsВ Holy Grail status, let's examine the evidence.

It's Easy to Use

You already brush your teeth every day, so all that is required is a product switch-up. While the Activated Charcoal Tooth PolishВ ($27) is the original product-simply dip a wet toothbrush in and brush, two to three times a week-the ready-to-go toothpasteВ makes things even simpler. You can also double-down on the effects by using the Carbon CocoВ Bamboo Charcoal ToothbrushВ ($4),В too.

It's Safe

This is important to note: Where other products employ powerful but harsh chemicals to whiten and brighten teeth, Carbon Coco bypasses all chemicals and is 100 percent natural. The brand's key ingredient is made from 100 percent organic coconut shells sourced in Bali and the Philippines, which are burnt down to a soft, flour-like fine powder.В

It's Powerful

Staying committed to natural ingredients doesn't make the effects any less powerful. The Carbon Coco toothpaste can reduce bacteria build-up by up to 90 percent, and gets right in-between the teeth to fight plaque just as you would expect any traditional toothpaste to.

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