PSA: We Just Found Out How to Get Glass Hair, and It's So Simple

PSA: We Just Found Out How to Get Glass Hair, and It's So Simple

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ICYMI: Glass hair is taking over the world. And by that, we mean red carpets and social media feeds everywhere. We published a veryВ screenshot-worthy exposГ© on the trend (we're still dead over Lucy Hale's recent take), but now we have something even more exciting-and perhaps more user-friendly-up our sleeves: a step-by-step tip tutorial from none other than Justine Marjan. (Again, if you missed it, she's one of the celebrity hairstylists who has hallmarked the trend-for plenty of inspo, just head over to her Instagram.)

We'll be the first to admit that many hairstylist tutorials we come across (and even publish here on Byrdie) might not be the easiest to master, but as it turns out, prepping your strands for an epic glass hair look is just as effortless as the flawless finale. In fact, it probably won't take you more thanВ 10 minutes start to finish and only requires a tenth of hair arsenal. (If you have a flat iron, hairspray, andВ a brush, you'll be as good as gold.) Curious to find out how to try the ethereally smooth and sleek trend for yourself? Read on-your glass hair awaits.В

В Grace Kim/Byrdie

1. Flat Iron in Fine Sections

GHD Platinum Professional Performance Styler $249Shop

As Marjan explained to Byrdie's editorial director, Faith Xue, (while demoing the process IRL) taking ultra-fine sections (versus large chunks) and straightening them with a flat iron is the absolute key for nailing the glass hair look. For the record, all of GHD's heat toolsВ are fabulous, and it's the brand Marjan personally swears by.

2. Master Brushing While You Straighten

To get a bit more specific with your technique, Marjan says to make sure to brush the hair "on top of the iron, and then pull down.В

Justine Marjan/Faith Xue

Or, for an even smoother finish up near the roots and to flatten the hair at the top of the head, flip the brush like so.В

Justine Marjan/Faith Xue

For the smoothest of smooth results, we (and virtually every hair guru and celebrity we talk to) swear by this luxe paddle brush from Mason Pearson. Yes, it's an investment but rest assured a worthy one.В

Mason Pearson Popular Mixture Hair Brush $205Shop

3. Finish With the Right Products

AKA-oil and a strategic, smooth-finish hairspray. "After straightening, run a little bit of oil through the ends of the hair," Marjan carefully instructs. (We love this heat-protecting serum/oil hybrid from Amika-it's clear, impossible to OD on, and it smells divine.)

Amika Blockade Heat Defense Serum $25Shop

"Next, use some hairspray for a glassy finish," Marjan says. "Instead of spraying directly on the hair, spray your hairbrush with the hairspray, then brush through the ends." TreSemmГ©'s mist shown below is game-changing.В

TreSemmГ© Compressed Micro Mist Smooth Hold Level 2 Hair Spray $6Shop

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