We Tried Glamglow's Cult-Favorite Mask-Read Our Honest Reviews

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At Byrdie HQ, we take skincare very seriously. Yes, we try a bunch of different products on a weekly basis, but it's only those yielding noticeable results that earn a permanent spot in our vanities. And while we won't habitually use any old product, we're willing to give each item a fair shot, even if that just means taking a look at the ingredient list.

There are those products, though, that earn a lot of hype before they even hit our desks, which makes us all the more excited to try them. Case in point: Glamglow's beloved Supermud Clearing Treatment ($59). The brand was founded in 2010 by husband-and-wife team Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, who created the line exclusively for backstage use at large Hollywood industry projects. Celebrities jumped on the bandwagon, posting images of themselves in the cult-favorite gray Supermud mask, and eventually the product made its way to stores. We were excited to give it a try ourselves, given all the press and social media love it's received over the years. Below, read our honest reviews.

Amanda's skin type: Combination

"The first thing that stood out to me about this mask was its thin, silky texture, which I found to be a nice departure from the thick, goopy feel of other charcoal mud masks. This made the application and removal process quick and mess-free (because there's nothing worse than when a mask stubbornly sticks to your skin, turning a relaxing ritual into a chore, right?). After rinsing the mask off, my skin felt mattified but incrediblyВ soft. Truly, the exfoliating properties of this mask are top-notch. After layering a little moisturizer to quench the dryness, I was impressed with the smooth, clear results."В

Faith's skin type: Oily

"I remember scrolling through my Instagram a few years back and being accosted by images of girls in greenish-blue face masks, smiling widely, little black dots along their nose, cheeks, and forehead in plain view (their oily pores, I soon found out with a mixture of delight and disgust). As someone with naturally oily skin, large pores, and a nose that often veers into blackhead territory, I wanted to know who these girls were. What was this magical mask? If I procured it, would it also suck out debris and excess oil from my pores like a vacuum and leave my skin baby-like and blackhead-free? These questions weighed heavily on my mind; alas, life happened, and I never got around to slathering my face with Glamglow-until a few weeks ago when Lindsey requested that everyone on team Byrdie test it out and report on the results. It felt like fate.

The first time I used it, I applied the minty mixture all over my face, and I felt it working immediately. Three minutes later, I looked in the mirror and I, too, had a greenish face akin to the girls in my Instagram feed from years past, little black dots forming rapidly like little colonies. My face had started feeling a bit like it was being stretched like the surface of a balloon and might burst at any moment, so I rinsed it off shortly after. When I peered in the mirror, my complexion looked smooth and bright-but also a bit like it had been wandering in the desert for a few days and was in desperate need of hydration (I slathered on Pestle & Mortar's Hyaluronic Acid Serum, $59, to quench its thirst). Afterward, Byrdie's beauty director Deven told me she only applies Glamglow's Supermud to her T-Zone, which I found to be a better technique-I only really need its vacuum-like abilities around that area, anyway. I use Glamglow's Supermud whenever my skin is looking (and feeling) particularly tired and it immediately whips it in shape, like a mask version of Gunnar Petersen; my blackheads don't completely disappear afterward, but they are certainly less noticeable."

Katie's skin type:В Combination

"I have very sensitive skin, so I was nervous about trying this mask as the packaging clearly states, 'not for use on sensitive skin.' But, alas, I performed a patch test that went surprisinglyВ well, and decided to give Supermud a go. After applying it, I was delighted by its fresh minty scent and the way it hardened as it dried (I like to feel my beauty products working). After rinsing off the mask, I didn't notice much of a difference in the look or feel of my skin, but then again I was having an above-average skin day. The following week, I saw a rather large pimple forming in the middle of my forehead, and decided to give Supermud another try, this time as a spot treatment. Much to my delight, the day after applying Supermud, my unfortunately large zit was completely flat and in two day's time was gone altogether. Needless to say, Supermud is now a staple in my emergency pimple routine."

Deven's skin type:В Normal/Oily

"With a name like Supermud, this mask has a lot to live up to. And I must say, I've never been disappointed anytime I've used it. I don't always see a noticeable difference in my skin, but it always feels smoother, more even, and less irritated and inflamed after use. The way it clings to blackheads and clogged pores during the drying and rinsing off stages is especially satisfying. However, I will say unless you have truly problematic skin, don't leave it on for 20 minutes. My typical problem is congestion (rather than actual breakouts) and 10 to 12 minutes does the trick for me. If I leave it on longer than 15 minutes, my skin tends to feel dry. When I do have a breakout, it's quite nice as a spot treatment. I've never had it dry out a pimple to that flaky, hard-to-cover-with-concealer stageВ like some other spot treatments do."

Lindsey's skin type:В Combination

"After using this mask a few times, it's become my emergency skin solution. Every time I noticeВ my skin is looking dull and broken out, I put the mask on, only to be met with aВ beautiful complexion afterward. It's magic.

"Upon applying it, you feel an immediate minty tingle-the kind of tingle that makes you feel like it's really doing something. Then, as promised on the jar, once the mask dries to a lighter grayВ (or green, as Faith notices) hue, you can see it sucking the oil right out of your pores, as evidenced by the little specks of dark gray where your pores are being vacuumed. You canВ seeВ it working before your eyes, which is the type of instant gratification I love in a skincare product.

"I've even started using it as a spot treatment and leaving it on overnight where a major pimple has broken its way through my skin (not necessarily recommended for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin), but I've found that it dries up pimples quite literally overnight. Now I never have to panic again when skin decides to go haywire."

Hallie's skin type:В Combination

"Despite all the hype surrounding this product, this was actually the first time I've ever tried it. Truth be told, I'm sitting at my desk with it on right now. The charcoal mud goes on and immediately feels minty, fresh, and tingly. As it drys, you can feel it pulsating through your skin (a cool side effect of the activated charcoal and clay). It's a little intense, but nothing beats being able to actually feel a product working. I washed it off after about 10В minutes (my skin felt too dry for 20) and noticed a significant reduction in my usual nose and chin congestion. Success! Because my skin is not particularly acne-prone, I'll probably use it every few weeks after a particularly late night or annoying cluster of breakouts."

Victoria's skin type:В Dry

"I have very stubborn blackheads that-even though they're noticeable only to me when I peer into a magnifying mirror-irk me to no end. (I don't like knowing that my pores are dirty!) I've used Supermud a few times and have always liked the fact that you can actually seeВ the gunk and oil it's pulling from your pores. So satisfying! This all being said, I often get similar results for a fraction of the price by mixing Aztec clay powder with water and a couple drops of essential oil. But if you're looking for a more luxe, pre-concocted mask to obliterate the most persistent of blackheads, this is definitely a solid option."

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