Beat the Winter Blues With These Mood-Enhancing Beauty Products

Beat the Winter Blues With These Mood-Enhancing Beauty Products

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There's really no disputing the greatness of winter, with berry shade lips and chunky knits in abundance. Now, the festivities and parties have started to die down, and we're faced with the dark mornings and chilly temperatures. So yes, it's perfectly normal to feel a little glum. While there are plenty of TV dramas, leftover cheeseboards, and hot chocolate to get cozy with, there's also a host of beauty treats that can help to lift your spirits. You'll be surprised at all of the small things that can make a difference in boosting your mood. From body treatments to makeup and candles, we've picked out the best mood-enhancing beauty products to get you out of the door in the morning and excited to snuggle up at night when you get in.

Morphe 35V Stunning Vibes Artistry Palette $25Shop

Let your eyes do the talking with these gorgeous jewel tones as sparkles always equal a good time. Just because party season is over, there's no need to head back to the nude eye shadows. Color works wonders for lifting spirits, and these shadows will have you winking whenever you look in the mirror.

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Rollerball $29Shop

Reach for this energy-boosting blend of neroli, juniper and grapefruit oils instead of your morning espresso, to kick-start your day. It's the perfect mood lifter for days when you're not up for leaving your bedroom. Plus, you can carry it with you when you need a peaceful moment.

Vie Healing 24k Gold Ear Seeds $34Shop

If you're feeling a little low and can't make it to an acupuncture session, then look no further. These reflex stimulating seeds are placed on different points in the ears to provide compression. Depending on where the seeds are placed, they can work on reducing pain, aiding detox or giving you a boost of happiness and calm. Extra bonus points, as they look incredible too.

Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lipstick in Armie $36Shop

We all know about the transformative power that a single swipe of red lipstick can provide, and if you're looking for one that has the ability to tackle even the worst mood, this is the one. With a creamy texture and intense pigment, even if you can't be bothered to do the rest of your makeup, this will give you a little pep in your step.

De Mamiel Winter Facial Oil $130Shop

Designed for winter skin and winter-weary minds, this protective oil will see you through the season. It works on deeply moisturizing and soothing dry skin with argan, sea buckthorn and rosehip seed oils. The scent from the mix of essential oils will keep your mood in check too.

Nails Inc. Regents Park Nailkale $15Shop

While we're all about moody nails for winter, sometimes a pop of color can do the world of good and this will certainly wake you up. Your toes might be hidden underneath knitted socks and ankle boots, but this shade will be a pleasant surprise when you kick your shoes off at the end of the day.

Bamford Rosemary Double Wick Candle $125Shop

You'll want to rush home to burn this candle after a long day and enjoy the stimulating rosemary scent. Your senses will be further awakened with notes of clove, lemon and geranium leaf and will have you saying, "winter, who?"


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