9 Healthy Living Secrets Trainers Know (That You Don't)

9 Healthy Living Secrets Trainers Know (That You Don't)

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Each day, we try to live our best lives. That means eating healthier, exercising more, and practicing wellness tips we've learned from top experts in the biz. It also means taking care of ourselves, our mental health, and our happiness. While it's not about losing weight (we'd rather be healthy and strong), that's not an unwelcome result. To understand how to do this-practice self-love and wellness each day-we went straight to the source. Below, top trainers at cult fitness classes including Barry's Bootcamp and The Fhitting Room detail their daily routines.


"Start the day with a full glass of water. It's the best way to kick-start your intake for the day and it'll force you to 'earn' your morning coffee." - Dara Theodore, instructor at The Fhitting Room


"Include vegetables in every meal. Breakfast can be tricky. I recently started making zucchini oats ('zoats') instead of plain oats and add greens to my smoothies." -В Melody Scharff, instructor at The Fhitting Room


"Take liquid probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria that help aid in digestion. For those with a low immune system-taking probiotics help. It helps to coat the lining of your digestive system and regulate healthy bowel movements." - Jacqueline Kasen, body architect at Anatomy

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"Get an early start every day. Not only are you more productive, but it also jump-starts your metabolism and you burn more throughout the day just by moving." - Rachel Robinson, trainer at Barry's Bootcamp


"I realized not long ago that my time spent recovering was insufficient when measured against the duration and intensity of my workouts. I now prioritize self-myofascial release (SMFR) and carry a lacrosse ball in my bag forВ when I can'tВ foam-roll. I'll pull out the ball to work on any areasВ where I have tension." -В Theodore


"Lift heavy weights safely and effectively-some women tend to not lift heavy weights because they'reВ nervous to look bulky. However,В lifting heavier weights not only keeps up your strength, but it will make your bones stronger and help prevent osteoporosis. There's a 70% chance females can receive this disease; therefore, it's very important to strength train." -В Kasen

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"Drink two cups of green tea per day. It's loaded with antioxidants and revs up your metabolism." - Amanda Butler, instructor at The Fhitting Room


"Think back on the day before, both mentally and physically. Scan yourВ body for areas you need to pay special mind to today. That will help you focus on the journey as well as the results." -В Scharff


"Cook for yourself. Even if you tend to choose healthier items at restaurants, they are not as healthy as something you can prepare at home. Most likely, the dish isВ filled with butter, oil, and salt. You know exactly what's going in your body if you make it yourself." -В Kasen


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