5 Yoga Mats That Look Great and Don't Slip, as Recommended by Yogis

5 Yoga Mats That Look Great and Don't Slip, as Recommended by Yogis

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So you've got yourВ Downward-Facing Dog in check, and the headstand is coming along nicely, but do you know what could really take your yoga practice the next level? Having the very best yoga mat under your flow, of course. Naturally, finding the right mat for you will no doubt involve a spate of trialing, testing and stretching it out until you strike gold on The One, but to help you narrow down the search (because, honestly, who's got the time?), we've got a plan. Why not ask some of the top expert yogis out there what mats they love to sweat it out on? After all, they're the ones really putting these things through their paces, right? So that's exactly what we've done.

Jessica Skye

The Yogi: Jessica Skye, founder of Fat Buddha Yoga

The Mat: Nike Training Mat 2.0 ($60)

The Verdict: "I've actually got a top three when it comes to my favorite mats-the Nike 2.0 is light and super grippy, the JadeYoga Harmony Mat ($80)В is also very grippy and is crafted from eco-friendly materials, and the Liforme Travel Mat ($115) is eco-friendly and incredibly light."

Cat Meffan

The Yogi: Cat Meffan, yoga teacher, and jewelry designer

The Mat: Liforme Original Yoga Mat ($140)

The Verdict: "As someone who travels a lot and always needs extra space in the case for leggings, it's so handy to have a mat that can fold up and squish into a little space, which is why I love the Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat ($44). In terms of the whole package, however, the Liforme Original Yoga Mat really hits the nail on the head for me, and a lot of other yogis I know. I got my first Liforme mat three years ago and still use it now."

Steffy White

The Yogi: Steffy White, global yoga teacher and founder ofВ White Light Yoga Retreats

The Mat: Lululemon The Reversible Mat ($58)

The Verdict: "I love the Yogi-Bare mats for practicing at home. It is the best grip I have ever found, you literally stick to the mat-it's incredible and really comfy. But my favorite mat for taking out and about is my thin Lululemon mat. It is so light and good to travel with and carry around London. I cycle everywhere, so light is key!"

Phoebe Greenacre

The Yogi: Phoebe Greenacre, yoga teacher and founder ofВ WoodandLuxe.com

The Mat: Yogi-Bare Teddy Yoga Mat ($70)

The Verdict: "My go-to brand is Yogi-Bare because not only are the mats non-slip, they're also made from non-toxic material, which is super important to me, and they come in some lovely prints-like the gorgeous palm print. The company's eco-conscious ethos is also close to my heart."

Kelly McHugh

The Yogi: Kelly McHugh, founder of Good Yoga Life and Digital Yoga Academy

The Mat: Lululemon The Reversible Mat 3mm ($58)

The Verdict: "I've moved around a lot of yoga mats in my time, and the best ones for me hands down are from Lululemon-the 3mm mat is especially handy right now for traveling with and taking on my yoga retreats. As well as being reversible, so you can practice on whatever surface best suits you, the textured-rubber side is ideal for low-intensity yin while the smooth polyurethane side is better for sweaty vinyasa. This mat has superior grip appeal."


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