Urban Outfitters Has a High-Key Amazing Beauty Selection

Urban Outfitters Has a High-Key Amazing Beauty Selection

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Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is basically synonymous with Gen Z. It's one of those places you go to see the seamless intersectionality of fashion, beauty, and home dГ©cor. Although it's known best for clothing and accessories, we think it's time we put a spotlight on the brand's ever-growing beauty section because all this time it's been quietly pulling together an amazing group of skincare, makeup, and hair products.

It's a beauty section that combines some of our tried-and-true favorites with lesser-known indie products that you wouldn't have heard of otherwise. There are also quite a few international brands that we're happy to have access to through UO's doors-including buzzy new brands based out of Australia and Korea.

Urban Outfitters Darling Draped Bow Scrunchie $6Shop

UO has a chic selection of hair accessories too. How cute is this bow-scrunchie hybrid? It makes us want to take a summer vacation to the Hamptons and sip on mojitos seaside. Because it's first and foremost a hair tie, it's easy to wrap around a ponytail without any of the fussiness that comes with tying traditional loose hair ribbons.

Lime Crime Venus Palette $38Shop

Lime Crime's Venus Palette was incredibly well-received by the brand's fans. Since then, it has released a couple of different iterations, but we love a good classic. The palette contains eight highly-pigmented pressed powder shadows that range from sandy neutral to striking scarlet. It's the perfect palette for anyone who loves the pink/red shadow trend.

Verb Dry Shampoo Spray $16Shop

You can never go wrong with a Verb haircare product, at least not in our book, and that applies to this dry shampoo spray. (Before, the brand only had a dry shampoo powder.) Not only does it soak up extra oil, but it imparts volume too. We're obsessed.

Static Nails Reusable Pop On Nails $14Shop

In my humble opinion, the Static Nails brand single-handedly made press-on nails cool again. Each of these little boxes comes with a full set of faux nails, glue, and a file. They're easy to apply on your own, shape as you wish, and they actually last. I may or may not have three separate boxes on my vanity. (The shades are on point too.)

HUM Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow Skin Hydration Gummies $25Shop

I've been taking these vegan gummies for about two weeks now, and I can honestly say that my skin feels more hydrated (and that's sans lotion or serum). My lips feel more moisturized too. They're prone to becoming dry and chapped, and yet I haven't applied my nightly lip balm in over a week. It's thanks to the vitamins C and E and hyaluronic acid that's inside each of these delightfully fruity chews.

Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow $24Shop

This Stila cream eye shadow is one of team Byrdie's all-time favorite eye products. No matter which shade you choose, a single swipe across the eyelid mimics the look of molten metal. You can wear in a subtle way by blending it out or you can go for a bold and glittery look by layering it atop the eyelid. In other words, there's a reason this Stila pick made our list of the 10 best liquid eye shadows. It's that good.

Moon Juice SuperYou Daily Stress Supplement $49Shop

Moon Juice is the cult-favorite wellness brand we go to for natural and herbal supplements. Its latest supplement is this one, which combats the damaging effects of stress on the body and mind. It uses amla, rhodiola, ashwagandha, and shatavari roots to normalize cortisol levels, boost energy, and encourage a greater sense of calmness.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop $23Shop

Klairs is a big name in the K-beauty space. This potent vitamin C serum offers brightening and antioxidant effects. It's one of the top-rated products on UO's entire beauty site, so we believe it when we hear it's hydrating and nonirritating.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides $25Shop

These collagen peptides are a protein supplement that boosts the collagen in the skin while helping to strengthen joints, ligaments, and connective tissue. Simply add a scoop or two into a cold or hot liquid, stir, and sip.


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