I Went Back to My OG Acne Brand for a Scar Solution That Works

I Went Back to My OG Acne Brand for a Scar Solution That Works

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My acne journey recently came full circle when I reintroduced my OG acne-treating brand back into my skincare routine. It's been several years since I've dealt with serious acne, but it's been somewhat of a struggle since sixth grade. I went through prescription topical creams, prescription pills, and Proactiv-none of them yielded results. Finally, as I was heading off to college, my parents bought me a subscription for Murad's acne-treating kit. It was the first thing that really started to work for my skin and in many ways was my first introduction to a real skincare routine.

Sticking to this new regimen from Murad (thanks for looking out, parents), my skin finally began clearing up. Going on birth control a year later eventually eliminated the last of my acne and with time, I phased out of using the subscription kit (though always kept the acne spot treatment on hand for emergencies). While I've remained a fan of the Murad brand-forever grateful for their clinically-tested formulations that turned my skin around-I haven't really used much from their lineup since my troubled-skin days.

That is until last month when Murad released its InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment ($35), a unique formula that instantly fills and blurs your skin's surface to reduce the look of acne scars and dark spots (while also working to actually diminish scar texture and the appearance of hyperpigmentation over time). I've been using it every morning under my makeup. It's super lightweight, leaves a silky smooth finish, and doubles beautifully as a primer. Though it contains salicylic acid to exfoliate the skin and reduce scarring, I've never found it to irritate my sensitive skin.

Murad InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment $35Shop

Even though my acne cleared up almost a decade ago, I still have acne scars and enlarged pores along my cheeks. I've noticed they've become more pronounced in the past few years as the collagen in my skin has begun to decline (hello 30!). Murad's InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment has worked to smooth my skin before makeup application (or even on makeup-free days when worn under sunscreen) and has contributed to a more uniform appearance. My scars are still there, but I do feel that my pores have tightened and my skin has become smoother. I can say that my skin over the past month has been the best it's looked in years and this is one part of the carefully curated cocktail of things I've been using. It's earned its spot in my daily skincare routine and I'm happy to be back on board with the brand that first stepped in to solve my acne woes many years ago.

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