Mandy Moore Is the New Face of Garnier, so Here Are Her Best Hair Moments

Mandy Moore Is the New Face of Garnier, so Here Are Her Best Hair Moments

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Mandy Moore was announced as the newest ambassador for Garnier, and we can't think of anyone better suited for the job. Though Moore has proven to be versatile in every professional endeavor she's tackled over the years (she's had starring roles in kid-friendly musical features like Tangled and is currently taking over the silver screen in the NBC hit This Is Us), she also has a knack for mesmerizing us with her hair-its chameleon-like tendencies in particular. From blonde to black to red and back again, she never fails to enchant us with her latest shade. (And remarkably, each one always seems better than the last.)

To celebrate the partnership, the actress took to her Instagram and posted a nostalgic carousel of some of her most iconic hair moments while simultaneously sharing her new role with Garnier's Nutrisse hair color line. The campaign launched September 15, and in her excitement, Moore had a few heartfelt words to share: "Garnier encourages women to be their best-whatever that means for you. For me, it's always been important that no matter how I change my look, I want the real me to shine through."

Regarding her propensity to always keep us guessing where her hair color is concerned, she says, "I love to change my hair because, in a world where so much is out of my control, it makes me feel like I'm doing something to shake things up. But it's deeper than blond or brunette. It's about figuring out how to make my outsides reflect my insides, and that takes a little soul searching. I'm thrilled, even a little nervous, to go down that exciting, if imperfect, path together with Garnier."

In the past, Byrdie talked exclusively with the actress, who shared some equally empowering messages, which, of course, were all intensified by her sense of candor. From spirituality to exercise to her parents' divorce, practically no subject was left untouched. Aging? "Bring it on," she says. Both in life and hair color, the actress is open to what the future has to offer; thus, her newest adventure with Garnier seems to have come at the perfect time.

Sacha Maric

Inspired by her throwback pic (and considering that our own strands smelled permanently of Garnier's signature fruity scent from '97 to '99), you could say nostalgia hit a high note for us here. Feeling inspired, we dug through decades' worth of photos to curate our own gallery of Mandy's best-ever shades. And just like her 1999 hit, the reminiscence is So Real.

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