Video: Ashley Streicher Teaches Us How to Create Heatless Waves

Video: Ashley Streicher Teaches Us How to Create Heatless Waves

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Sure, Gisele BГјndchenВ may emerge from the ocean with perfectly tousled locks, but for most of us, "effortless" beach waves require a texturizing spray, some sort of curling iron, and 30 minutes (or more) of styling-at the minimum. The good news is, that actually doesn't have to be the case.В In the video above, celebrity hairstylist Ashley StreicherВ demonstrates how to get perfectly rumpledВ tresses sans heat. Sound too good to be true? Trust us: After experimenting with the tutorial firsthand, we can report that our hair fell into gorgeous, natural-looking waves. Needless to say, we've found our go-to summer hairstyle.

For Streicher's step-by-step instructions on how to get wavy hair without a curling iron, keep on reading.

1. Start with wet hair: Wash or wet your hair with hydrating or smoothing shampoo like Kevin Murphy's Hydrate Me WashВ ($33).

Kevin.Murphy Hydrate-Me Wash $33Shop

2. Towel-dry your hair: To add texture, Streicher says to wrap it in aВ towel like Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair TurbanВ ($30). After a few minutes, unwrap your hair and naturally find your part without touching your hair too much.

Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban $30Shop

3. Brush your bangs:В Brush your bangs forward with aВ Wet Brush Original DetanglerВ ($12). Let the rest of your hair remain unbrushed, as this will add more volume and texture,В says Streicher. However, if you have curlier locks, brush through your hair when very wet before letting it air-dry.

Wet Brush Original Detangler $12Shop

4. Place your hair: Without touching your hair too much, Streicher recommends placing it how you would like it to dry. She further adds that straight-haired ladies canВ addВ a few twists throughoutВ their hair for even more texture.

5. Add a de-frizzer: Apply a lightweight de-frizzer like Reverie's Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing TreatmentВ ($42) to just the ends. Instead of brushing it through your hair, Streicher says to squeeze it into yourВ tresses so as not to disrupt your waves.

Reverie Milk Anti-Frizz Leave-In Nourishing Treatment $42Shop

6. Wait patiently: Let your hair air-dry, making sure not to touch it, as Streicher says touching it will create frizz and weigh it down.

7. Apply more de-frizzer: If your hair is looking fluffy or frizzy, Streicher says to add more de-frizzer.

8. Separate your strands: To separate your waves a bit, apply a styling balm like Reverie's Rake Styling BalmВ ($36) to the ends of your hair.

Reverie Rake Styling Balm $36Shop

9. Add volume: If more volume is what you're after, Streicher says to spray a bit of texturizing spray like Rene Furterer's Vegetal Texturizing SprayВ ($34) to your roots without disrupting your waves.В

Rene Furterer Vegetal Texturizing Spray $34Shop

Next up: How to create loose waves with a curling iron.


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