9 Everyday Makeup Products That Pull Double Duty for Halloween

9 Everyday Makeup Products That Pull Double Duty for Halloween

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For beauty lovers with a passion for makeup, Halloween is a golden opportunity to let loose and really ramp up the creativity. While intricate designs in striking technicolor are exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to Halloween, investing in a collection of face paints to take out but once a year seems upsetting. Instead, we're thinking you should stock up on everyday beauty products that pull double duty.

In anticipation of Halloween (and, you know, just for fun), we've rounded up an eye-catching lineup of new beauty products that are high-impact, super-pigmented, and sure to make a statement. Keep scrolling for nine everyday makeup products you can wear for Halloween-or any other time you're looking to amplify your beauty look.

Make Up For Ever Flash Color Palette Multi-use Cream Color Palette $99Shop

This new palette is as close to a classic face-painting situation as you can get-only upgraded with boldly pigmented cream shades worthy of professional use. Featuring every classic color you might need, this no-nonsense makeup artist palette is deceivingly simple. With the right technique, you can create any color you desire, making it an end-all palette not for the faint of heart.

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Vivid Liquid Eyeliner Trio $35 $24Shop

Leave it to Rihanna to serve up vivid makeup products that serve practically every purpose, from Halloween to everyday and beyond. Every color story in Fenty's Vivid Liquid Eyeliner Trio Line delivers vibrant, vivid color in three contrasting hues that look brilliant together. Even better yet, the sets are on sale right now.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 2 $60Shop

Hitting stores this week, this super-pigmented, aqua-themed palette is sure to make a splash. Incredibly bold matte, shimmer, and sparkle finishes present the entire rainbow in 25 professional pigments so that no look (or costume) is off-limits.

Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter Eye Shadow $29Shop

For a sparkly finish that's more like a "micro-shimmer," Hourglass's eye shadow pots offer a gorgeous array of golden-hued colors from champagne, to copper, to cranberry. The color is buildable so you can layer it on for an opaque effect on Halloween night and still use for daily wear as a sheer finish afterwards.

Kat Von D Crush Technicolor Crayon Set $34Shop

This dynamic trio is designed to be used as face paint for high-impact makeup looks in eye-popping blue, pink, and orange. The chubby pencils give you control to create more intricate looks and touch-up on the go. The formula goes on creamy, but doesn't budge once it's in place, and delivers a finish that's matte, opaque, and absolutely striking.

Melt Cosmetics Radioactive Pressed Pigment Palette $48Shop

For a high-impact palette that gets straight to the point, this streamlined new offering from Melt Cosmetics brings every color of the rainbow to life in neon, matte, and iridescent formulations. Go wild with an undeniable color payoff.

Sephora Collection Moschino + Sephora Liquid Markers Lip Set $34Shop

A look-at-me lip is great any night of the year, but especially to top off your Halloween beauty look. This cute limited edition set mimics the Mr. Sketch Scented Markers you probably grew up with as a kid. The five matte liquid lipsticks are available in colors (like an electric aqua and a bold violet) that are likely to inspire your best costume yet.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Face & Body Glitter Gel - Sparkle Out Loud Collection $22Shop

Designed to be used on your body, face, and eyes, this super-concentrated glitter gel serves up practically blinding sparkle worthy of Halloween-or any other night you're looking to really shine. Available in six punchy colors like Party Monster (lilac), Saturday Stardust (pink), and Disco Daydream (silver), this resilient formula lasts for nine hours-making sure your Halloween beauty look stays put until long after the party is over.

Violet Voss Bright Vibes Neon Pressed Pigment Palette $30Shop

Last but certainly not least, look for no further than this new palette from Violet Voss. The ultra-matte formula is worked into 10 show-stopping hues to help create whatever beauty look you're wearing this Halloween (and beyond).

Now here are eight scary beautiful Halloween makeup looks to put your new products to use.


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