I Tried a Bunch of Tinted Dry Shampoos-These Were the Best

I Tried a Bunch of Tinted Dry Shampoos-These Were the Best

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I remember the first time I fell in love with dry shampoo. I was studying abroad in London, and shampooing had fallen low on my list of priorities upon realizingВ I was in a city filled with dashing British boys, I wanted to explore the city, have the time of my life, keep my GPA acceptable, and have perfect hair-was that too much to ask? It wasn't-all thanks to the can of dry shampoo I picked up at Boots one fateful day. The product in question? Batiste's Original Dry Shampoo. One spray, and I was a goner. Suddenly, my mangy second-day (okay fine, third-day) hair transformed from limp to unexplainably, beautifully cleanВ in a matter of seconds. I couldn't believe it. As someone who was used to spending lots of quality time taming her skin and hair, I was shocked that I seemed to have found a way to cheat the system. I had tried dry shampoos stateside before, but with lackluster results (my hair usually felt more dirty and clumpy afterwards). So when I stumbled upon this magical little gem (which, at the time, wasn't even sold in the U.S.), I knew my life was going to change forever.

Since then, I've had other dry shampoo romances. I've dabbled in hair powders, foreign brands, and many a drugstore version. As a brunette, I found that some formulas that my blonde friends raved about would leave dandruff-looking residue behind on my darker strands-not a flattering sight. Thus, I took it upon myself to try the new crop of tinted dry shampoos, which I can only assume were created to appease those like me. After a long and thorough testing period, I've selected two winners and two runner-ups. Below you'll find which products are at the top of my list.

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