5 Brow Tips We Bet You Haven't Heard Before

5 Brow Tips We Bet You Haven't Heard Before

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Brows-some have a lot, some don't have any (curse you, '90s), but everyone is obsessed with them. By now, we consider ourselves well versed in the right way to fill them in, as well as the best products to achieve the Delevingne-esque arches of our dreams. Except, well, when the end result isn't exactly that.

Whether it's that annoying gap in our arch that just won't fill in no matter how much powder we use or a shape that's just never quite right, we've all suffered our fair share of brow frustrations. In times like these, the simple “follow your natural arch” advice simply doesn't suffice-which is why we reached out to brow expert and Flutter Beauty founder Felicia Alves for her top brow-shaping tips that aren't common knowledge. Trust us-you'll be glad to know these.

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Tip #1: DIY Growth Serum

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So your brows aren't naturally thick and full, but expensive brow serums are out of your budget. No worries-justВ DIY one. Alves says that applying castor oil to your brows-try filling an empty and clean mascara tube for easy application-will give them a natural tint, plus all the benefits of a conditioning treatment.В

Tip #2: Tint, Then Tweeze

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For the “follicularly challenged,” Alves says to do one important thing before getting them professionally shaped: tint your brows. “Getting a brow tint before getting them professionally tweezed will create a much fuller, more pronounced brow,” she explains. “The tint grabs onto even the blondest of hairs. Then, your brow guru can create a nice, shaped brow.” For an at-home remedy, she suggests filling your brows with brow fiber fillersВ into the shape you want, then tweezing lightly around that shape.В

Tip #3: Brush Up, Then Trim

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If your brows are more on the thick and unruly side, they may require some trimming. The key is to brush the hairs up outside the natural brow line, then carefully trim going horizontally. Alves swears by Tweezerman's Brow Scissors, which are curved and allow you to easily follow the natural shape of your brow.

Tip #4: Pinpoint the Right Color

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There's been a lot of debate about the most flattering brow color for your skin tone. At the end of the day, Alves says they should be somewhere between their natural color and the color of your hair. “Nothing is worse than brows that are much darker than your natural hair color,” she says. “It can give you a harsh, angry look.” To fill them in, she suggests using two different shades in powder form, which will allow you to blend them seamlessly and naturally.

Tip #5: Try Markers Instead of Pencils

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You might associate your trust eyebrow pencil with creating the most realistic-looking brow hairs, but Alves says a brow marker might be even better. “If you want to create the look of hairs, brow markers are the best!” she says. “They should be used after filling in with powder, using short, small strokes.” We like Eyeko's brow liner, as it paints on natural-looking light hairs.В

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