The 12 Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils on the Market

The 12 Best Drugstore Eyebrow Pencils on the Market

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Between powders, gels, pomades, and pencils, the beauty industry boasts a font of product in the name of bold and beautiful eyebrows. However, as we've mentioned before, people usually have a very strong preference when it comes to their formula of choice. (Brows are important, folks.) For example, I've never been able to love any powder or pomade quite like I love my stash of perfectly taupey-hued pencils. So what's today's product du jour? The very best drugstore eyebrow pencils money can buy. Because, I don't know about you, but my pencils transform to short and stubby knubs faster than you can say Cara Delevingne. Therefore, spending anything onward and upward of $10 just doesn't feel fair to my bank account.

Looking to keep your brow game $10 and under? We've rounded up the best shockingly frugal drugstore eyebrow pencils boasting results that look anything but. Keep reading for our editor-approved selection.

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Retractable Brow Pencil $4Shop

This high-brow brow definer (see what we did there?) is designed to stay put, pure and simple. The shades are flattering, and the finish is never chalky or greasy. Thus, it's definitely one of our local drugstore's best. (Oh, and Wet n Wild just so happens to be one of my personal favorite drugstore brands thanks to results that only ever look impeccably high-end.) To enhance your eyes further, I also recommend itsr MegaSlim Skinny Mascara ($5).

No7 Beautiful Brow Pencil $10Shop

With three shades to choose from (blonde, brown, and gray), No7's Beautiful Brow Pencil ($10) is hypoallergenic and handily double-sided so brows will look equal parts full and sculpted.

Nyx Micro Brow Pencil $10Shop

When it comes to the best drugstore beauty products, Nyx is always at the top of our list, and its Micro Brow Pencil ($10) is no exception. And while the formula is outstanding, we're most impressed by the admirably inclusive shade range. (There's eight to be exact.)

Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil $10Shop

Would you believe us if we told you that Ofra's Universal Eyebrow Pencil ($10) was magically suited to virtually every skin tone and hair color? In addition to its magically flattering ways, this best-of-the-best drugstore eyebrow pencil is also formulated with beeswax for an ultra-smooth application.

L'OrГ©al Brow Stylist Designer Eyebrow Pencil $10Shop

Double-sided with a soft crayon tip on one end and a perfect-for-feathering brush on the other, L'OrГ©al's Brow Stylist Designer Eyebrow Pencil ($8) is an affordable solution for full, albeit completely natural-looking brows.

Eylure Brow Pencil $7Shop

Enriched with vitamins and essential oils, Eyelure's Brow Pencil ($7) manages to encourage hair growth while simultaneously keeping arches beautifully well-coiffed.

Maybelline Brow Precise Shaping Pencil $8Shop

Maybelline's Brow Precise Shaping Pencil ($8) is just that-amazingly precise. The strategic, triangle-shaped brush and malleable pencil can tame even the most mischievous of brows in one fell swipe.

Milani Easy Brow Mechanical Pencil $6Shop

For those days (or nights) when you need a 100% budgeproof brow, Milani's Easy Brow Mechanical Pencil ($5) is the ultimate partner in crime. It's water-resistant and still delivers a natural, filled-in look.

E.l.f. Cosmetics Instant Lift Brow Pencil $2Shop

As one of the best drugstore eyebrow pencils money can buy, E.l.f. Cosmetics' Eyebrow Enhancer ($3) is also one of the most affordable. (In fact, at first glance, we honestly thought that price had to be a mistake!) Choose from three shades: taupe, neutral brown, and deep brown for demure and polished arches.

Burt's Bees Natural Brow Pencil $10Shop

Is it even possible for us to curate a crГЁme de la crГЁme drugstore roundup without giving a shout-out to Burt's Bees? A perpetual Byrdie beauty team darling, we love that the brand is not only refreshingly natural when it comes to its industry-leading formulations, but we love the results it delivers as well. For instance, this brilliant pencil provides the featheriest of payoff.

Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph Eyebrow Shaper & Highlight $9Shop

So here's a little-known fact: Byrdie editors are head-over-heels obsessed with Soap & Glory brow products. And while its Archery Volu-Boost Fibre Gel ($14) is an under-the-radar favorite, this highlight-and-pencil duo is equally brilliant in both design and performance. Plus, it's a hair more affordable at just $9.

Revlon ColorStay Brow Pencil $5Shop

From soft black to blonde to auburn, Revlon's ColorStay Brow Pencil ($7) offers great color payoff and rivals the results of its much pricier counterparts. The angled tip of the pencil makes filling in your brows a breeze, and the waterproof formula is designed to stay put for a full 24 hours.

Next up: How to trim your eyebrows like a Kardashian (but actually).

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