This $135 Rose Quartz Eye Mask Is So Extra, but Does It Really Work?

This $135 Rose Quartz Eye Mask Is So Extra, but Does It Really Work?

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The beauty world is filled with fancy products, but few are quite as extra as celebrity facialist Angela Caglia's Handmade Rose Quartz Self-Love Eye Mask ($135). But while the mask is total Instagram feed #goals, does it actually work?

Crystal lovers will know all too well that rose quartz is known for its calming and soothing love energy that can help promote a sense of wellbeing, but I wanted to find out whether a rose quartz mask could relieve stress and make my eye area look brighter and less puffy. According to the information card that comes in the pink satin-lined box, the mask can soothe the skin, reduce puffiness, relieve sinus issues, close pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.В

Feeling Rosy

To really put the mask through its paces, I used it after a night out drinking a few too many glasses of Cava (which is apparently the new Prosecco-you're welcome for that). Hangovers, regardless of how much water I chug, leave me with fine lines and puffiness around my eyes and a generally sallow- and lackluster-looking complexion. Once I got home, and after removing my makeup with my usual skincare regimen, I got into bed and rested this mask over my eyes. The hefty (for an eye mask) weight and cool temperature was instantly relaxing and soothing, I breathed deeply a few times and found myself drifting off to sleep far easier than I had in weeks. We could notch that up to the Cava, but I have been on a few evenings out recently and didn't fall asleep as fast on either night. You're meant to leave the mask on for 20 minutes, but that first night I think it was on my face for a good couple of hours before it slid down to nestle in the duvet beside me.

В Amy Lawrenson

The next morning, I woke up and tentatively peered into the mirror. My eyes, which are usually marked by fine lines and dark circles in their a.m. state, were peering back at me line-free and without any of that usual puffiness I encounter the morning after the night before. The only difference in my beauty routine was the mask. I've used it on and off for a few nights since then and can conclude that it definitely makes a subtle difference. My eyes look brighter, and the skin around them smoother.В

Stress Reliever

Caglia recommends keeping the mask in the refrigerator so it's extra cool. I suffer from migraines every so often and I could imagine this cool mask being a welcome relief when a headache strikes. You can also flip it upside down and lay it over your jaw area to relieve any tension, perhaps from teeth grinding.

Crystal Clear

In a world where a moment of self-care is a much-needed coping strategy, laying down and breathing deeply for 20-minutes with a cooling crystal eye mask is not the worst way to relax. It's also not the cheapest. Yes, it's bougie and yes, you could get the same line-smoothing, de-puffing results from eye gels or a face mask, but would you look like beauty's answer to Lady Gaga circa Bad Romance? No, no you wouldn't.В

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