The 11 Surprising Beauty Products Italian Women Love

The 11 Surprising Beauty Products Italian Women Love

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There's no denying the fascination we Americans have with French beauty. After all, a French woman's effortless polish is undeniably chic and something we unabashedly imitate from afar (ahem, no-makeup makeup). But let's take a moment and appreciate the other end of the spectrum, shall we? Namely: Italian women, with their bold cat-eyes, look-at-me lipstick, and teased hair. Italian ladies embrace the glamorous side of beauty without a second thought, and take pride in every minute they spend in front of a vanity.

In honor of the dramatic, bold, and impossibly glamorous side of Italian beauty, we're sharing 11 of the most celebrated products from the homeland of Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci. While many Italian beauty products are difficult to procure here in the States, the products below can be conveniently added to your cart. From the “MAC of Italy” to the most heavenly Italian fragrances, keep scrolling to discover beauty products Italian women love-and maybe start planning a trip to Italy while you're at it, sì?

Kiko Milano Invisible Touch Face Fixing Powder $18Shop

This best-selling mattifying face powder is created by what many consider to be the "MAC of Italy." The affordable product is extremely high quality, offering a flawless sheer veil that makes skin look airbrushed and shine-free. What's more, since it comes with a built-in poof, you don't need an additional brush to apply it.

Borghese Radiante Revitalize and Firm Mask $50Shop

This gold-colored mask is beloved for the radiant, spa-quality glow that it leaves behind. It's made with mica, marine exopolysaccharide, sodium hyaluronate, and chlorella vulgaris extract, all of which are geared towards delivering a flawless, youthful glow. Simply layer it on your face and let it work its magic for five to 10 minutes to get in on the Italian routine staple.

Skin & Co Roma Umbrian Truffle Hand Cream $12Shop

This shea butter and sweet almond oil hand cream is designed to deeply hydrate skin. Additionally, it has a delicate, yet vibrant fragrance that smells like it's straight out of the Mediterranean.

Carthusia Fiori di Capri Eau de Parfum $175Shop

Speaking of Mediterranean fragrances, this fan-favorite perfume will take your senses on an adventure through Capri's Mount Solaro. It features notes of wild carnation, lily of the valley, oak, amber, and sandalwood. It's both musky and sweet, creating a delicate allure that brings images of Italy to mind.

Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo $29Shop

Italian women have some of the most beautiful hair-and this is one reason why. The cult-favorite shampoo is made with minuta olive, a fatty acid-rich ingredient harvested in Italy. When applied to hair, it smooths, softens, and nourishes each strand for silky, shiny tresses every time.

Ortigia Silica Florio Perfume Oil $24Shop

This coconut oil-based perfume smells and feels wonderful on the skin. The unisex fragrance features notes of narcissus, jasmine, and iris. While it's particularly perfect for spring, many people wear it all year round thanks to its cheerful scent.

Kiko Milano Water Eyeshadow $12Shop

This rippled eyeshadow has nearly 1,000 4.5- and 5-star reviews. It's available in 32 rich pigments (though only 19 are sold here in the U.S.), all of which can be used either wet or dry.

Rilastil Micro Eye Contour Cream $40Shop

Fine lines are a part of aging but with this rich eye cream they don't have to be quite as visible. That's because it's made with 26 active ingredients to help blur lines, diminish dark circles, and plump the delicate area overall.

Santa Maria Novella Rose Water $35Shop

There's no denying the rose is remarkably refreshing. And when its paired with an alcohol-free purifying antiseptic formula, even better. That's the case with this beloved rose water toner. It moisturizes and calms skin and can even be used to help remove trace remains of the day's makeup.

Kiko Milano Standout Volume Mascara $14Shop

This volume mascara is touted for its ability to create full, fluttery lashes in a single swipe. The rich creamy texture is flake- and smudge-proof, and it's designed to last for hours on end.

Pupa Milano Miss Pupa Lipstick $18Shop

A glassy plump, pout is a must in Italy. Whether you want to rock it with a natural pink hue or keep it classically Italian with bold red pigment, that's up to you.

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