These Were the Best Haircare Products We Tried This Month

These Were the Best Haircare Products We Tried This Month

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Ask us anything about hair, and we might talk your head off. We canВ chat about hair for aВ while. Team Byrdie is hair-obsessed, to say the least, and we'reВ constantly recommending new hair gems to try and swapping products. It's just our thing. It's not a bad feeling coming back to a new package containing shiny new hair products to try at your desk every day. As you can imagine, we've been around the block a few times when it comes to testing the latest and greatest in new hair goods.В

Fall is the latest topic of discussion, and we've been discovering nourishing, hardworking formulas to keep all of our hair concerns at bay while the seasons change. We cast our votes and dished on the very best hair products we tried inВ October below. Read on for our starting lineup.В

David Mallett Conditioner No. 1 $50Shop

"I recently stopped by master French hairstylist David Mallet's new space in SoHo (which is airy, elegant, and makes you want to cozy up there all day), where he handed me this chic-looking conditioner. He promised it would give me weightless volume, and sure enough, it left my strands feeling ridiculously soft and bouncy. It's made with glycerin, instead of heavy silicones, so it moisturizes without weighing your hair down. I've been a fan of hisВ Mask No.1В ($75) for quite a while now andВ will be adding this conditioner to my weekly hair rotation."

Verb Dry Shampoo for Light Hair $16Shop

"I've been a longtime fan of Verb. It's such a cool Austin-based brand with high-quality products. It recently made the leap into dry shampoo, despite finding thatВ fewer and fewer women are using the product, but I'm thankful the brand took the risk. It offers amazing volume, little residue, and makes even the dirtiest hair look as if I'd just washed it. I especially love that it has a specific formula for light hair with the most undetectable purple tint to fight brassiness and yellow tones. Really, I wouldn't have known there was purple in it if I hadn't noticed a tiny collection of lavender product around the nozzle."

Dove Refresh + Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo $5Shop

"The wonders of dry shampoo are certainly not new to me-not by a long shot-and while I've been using the grease-busting, root-lifting product for years, I'd never known of its virtues, at least not in full. That is until Mark Townsend, the hairstylist behind Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's looks for over 15 years, took a can of Dove's best-selling Refresh + Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo ($6) to my thin strands. He instructed I use the volumizing and texturizing formula and spray it lightly all over my entire head (instead of just at the roots). Then, give each curl a little shake, focusing on my mid-lengths and ends. This allows the product to work into your hair like a texturizing spray would but with a bit more grit. For this style, a laid-back blowout, it creates that ever-evasive piecey look that I can't ever seem to pull off on my own. That is, until this product."

Davines Volu Hair Mist $36Shop

"Davines' new leave-on formula volumizes your hair from its base without weighing it down. It adds volumeВ and leaves your hair soft and shiny, which is a feat in the hair product world. Plus, the formula smells floral and green, like spring dew on a crisp morning. I apply it to towel-dried hair along my lengths and ends and let it air-dry from there. I'm in love."

Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil $23Shop

"When it comes to hair oils, I'm soooo picky. First of all, it has to be crystal clear (because tinted ones can mess with my light-blonde tone), and it also has to have the right consistency-nourishing but not so oily that I'm left with sopping-looking strands. Joico's Blonde Life has me 100% won over. It immediately makes my blonde hair look blonder (due to the extra hint of shine and radiance it gifts my strands with) and thanks to the exotic mix of oils, my hair feels more hydrated and resilient in the long run. Since using it, I'm convinced I've experienced less breakage."

Shhh Silk No Slip Alligator Clips $14Shop

"Up until a few weeks ago, I was probably the only beauty editor on earth who never used alligator clips. I can't explain myself other than the fact that I was apparently perfectly happy just using a ponytailВ holder or any other random clip I had lying around to section off my hair while styling. How naГЇve, right? Thus, you can imagine how my life magically transformed the first time I used these adorable light pink alligator clips from Shhh. I'm already obsessed with the brand's silk pillowcases and oversize scrunchies (nothing is better than a scrunchie the size of your face,В nothing), and these are now top of my list as well. They don't pull, yank, or slip, and aesthetically, they're the cutest clips I've ever seen."

Oribe Power Drops Damage Repair Booster 2% Linoleic Acid $58Shop

"Crunchy, color-damaged hair is my cross to bear asВ a classic bleach blonde, so I am always in search of the best damage-reducing oils, masks, and serums to turn my strands as shiny and healthy as virgin hair. Oribe's Power Drops are my latest obsession. The 2% linoleic acid (a fatty acid) in the oil-based formula strengthens hair from the inside out, while biotin, antioxidant-rich sea kelp extract, and other nutrient-packed plant derivatives are exactly the ingredients my hair needs. I apply a couple of drops to damp hair before blow-drying, and my hair is consistently and noticeably softer."

Slip Large Slipsilk Scrunchies Black, Pink, Caramel $39Shop

"I don't know how it's taken me so long to try these game-changing scrunchies, but I am legit obsessed. Not only are they so pretty and posh that you could totally wear them in public, but they also secure your hair back really effectively without leaving that dreaded crease. I wear these everywhere from my bathroom while I'm doing my skincare routine to yoga to the office to bed. In love."В

Mielle Organics Edge Gel $12Shop

"I recently transitioned back into full-length extensions, and whenever I'm wearing this hairstyle, I keep an edge-control pomade within arm's reach. To blend in my curly roots with my silky hair, I love moisturizing formulas that will smooth my hair without that sticky after effect. This new formula is made with feel-good ingredients like natural extracts of honey and ginger. It's silky to the touch but works magically to lay down my edges. The product below has been my secret combination with this pomade."

DevaCurl Silk Scarf $10Shop

"A few weeks ago, I was with DevaCurl in Miami, and in my swag bag I found this silk scarf, aka a hair gem. I only use silk when it comes to my hair because it keeps my textured roots from feeling dry and brittle. Silk scarves lock in moisture like no other and also preserve your style's staying power. I lather the above edge gel on my edges then use this silk scarf to tie it down when I want my hair to look super slick."

T3 SinglePass Compact $76Shop

"Mini flat irons make me happy when I'm traveling because you can squeeze them into the tiniest places. I have really soft hair, which breaks off easily from heat damage if I go overboard with hot tools. This little guy heats up just enough without the risk of any damage and only takes one pass to give my hair the smoothest strands."

Unite Hair Blonda Shampoo $29Shop

"I recently had the opportunity to get my hair done by Nikki Lee, the co-founder of one of L.A.'s most popular salons, 901. She took my hair blonder than it's ever been, which is why she sent me home with a purple toning shampoo (no brassy tones here). I've tried other toning shampoos in the past, and they seemed to work okay. Using this one, however, resulted in a noticeable difference in the color of my hair. It lifted out orange tones I didn't even know were there. The best part is that I don't have to use it every time I shampoo. I only use it once every two weeks or so, and that's enough to keep my highlights looking bright and fresh."

Shhh Silk Boar Bristle Brush $49Shop

"I started using boar-bristle brushes after I heard that they naturally condition the hair by pulling oil from the root down the hair strand. Not only do my ends feel less brittle, but the roots of my hair look and feel less oily than they normally do (even if it'sВ three to four days post-shampoo). Like the Harry Josh Boar Bristle and Nylon Brush ($50) before it, this paddle brush has become a mainstay on my bathroom counter."

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