Celebrity Colourist Rita Hazan Reveals the Mistakes That Are Wrecking Your Hair

Celebrity Colourist Rita Hazan Reveals the Mistakes That Are Wrecking Your Hair

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When it comes to looking after coloured hair, who better to take advice from than BeyoncГ©'sВ colourist, Rita Hazan? The New York-based professional also boastsВ Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez as clients, making her quite the authority on hair colour. We called on Hazan to reveal the hair colour mistakes she sees women making time and again, fromВ not being realistic about their hair colour choices to selecting the wrong care products to use at home. Luckily, Hazan has a solution for the mistakes she sees on the regular, so you can avoid them. Stick to the rules and you'll boast a hair colour that doesn't just suit you, but is super shiny and most importantly lasts, so you can spend less time and money in the salon.

Keep scrolling for the eight hair colour mistakes Rita Hazan wants you to stop making.

Forgetting to Use Gloss

"Glossing is very important. No matter what you do, your hair colour will fade and get dull naturally from environmental and mechanical damage. Using a gloss at home will prevent hair colour from losing its lustre and will keep your hair healthy, shiny and vibrant at all times. I shampoo, gloss and condition every time I wash it."

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Using Any Old Products

"Using products that are specific for colour-treated hair is a must, and the shampoo you choose is extremely important. What you do in the shower will either help you or make your hair harder to style. Products for colour-treated hair have specific ingredients to keep your hair healthy and hydrated."

Overdoing the Dry Shampoo

"Too much dry shampoo can dull your hair and clog your pores, leading to thinning hair. Be sure to wash it at least one to two times a week. Sometimes if I work out every day, I will wash every day, and I do not feel bad about it because my products are gentle and hydrating."

Forgetting Protection

"When it comes to colour, it's very important to protect your hair from heat and sun. Always use products that have UVA and heat protection. I also use a split ends treatment to keep my ends from splitting, and it has helped my hair grow even though I blow-dry and flat iron almost every day, and colour it every six to eight weeks."

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Following Trends

"This is a big mistake. Instead, I say incorporate a trend into your look. For example, if leopard is 'in,' you wouldn't wear it head to toe; instead you might buy a bag or shoes. Same with hair colour: If lightВ is trendy, just add a few lighter highlights to your look that will brighten it up without washing you out."

Getting Stuck in a Rut

"Just because this colour looked good on you 10 years ago doesn't mean it still does. Skin tone changes throughout the year and as you age, and you must change your hair colour and makeup to match."

Be Realistic about your time

"If you only colour it two to threeВ times a year, don't go for a high-maintenance colour. Do something that will look good growing out. A vegetable dye will wash out and not grow out, meaning you won't get a distinct line. It will fade out slowly."

Using Celebrities as Muses

"When choosing a colour, don't just look to your favourite celebrity. Instead, look at women whoВ are close in age to yourself with a similar skin tone and ethnicity. This will give you a better visual of what the same colour will look like on yourself and what is realistic."