These Virgin Cocktails Taste so Good That You (Almost) Don't Miss the Alcohol

These Virgin Cocktails Taste so Good That You (Almost) Don't Miss the Alcohol

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Cocktails rarely equal better skin. Any dermatologist will tell you that too much alcohol can lead to dehydration, angry flare-ups and the formation of fine lines. So why do we say rarely? Well, your go-to French 75 may not be a complexion-booster, but that's not to say a virgin cocktail will have the same negative impact on your pores. Nonalcoholic cocktails are proving more popular than ever, with a new study revealing that one in five millennials are willing to go teetotal in order to save money.

The report, titled Brighter Futures: Challenging Perceptions of Millennials, also stated that 42% of us are drinking less alcohol than we did three years ago. With party season coming up, that puts finding the perfect mocktail high on the agenda-and you might as well order one that's packed with skin, mood and body benefits. They're also perfect for anyone who's pregnant during the festive season.

From a flu-fighting ginger concoction to a lavender fizz that's as relaxing as a glass of wine, keep scrolling for delicious virgin cocktails made for healthy hedonists.

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