If You Buy This "Mermaid" Oil You Probably Won't Need a Facial

If You Buy This "Mermaid" Oil You Probably Won't Need a Facial

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Just like "unicorn", "mermaid" has been a bit of a buzz word lately. I've seen itВ slapped onto all manner of things, fromВ hair productsВ and manicures to frappuccinos. While there are no signs the obsession is due to slow down, I've never really bought into the trend. Still, I must admit my interest was piqued recently when Salt By Hendrix's Mermaid Facial Oil ($39) landed on my desk. My initial thoughts? It's blue! Then, "nice packaging". So, whileВ I was immediately convinced it would look the part in my bathroom cabinet lineup (priorities), I was yet to discover whether taking the oil home was worth breaking my stance on all things mermaid.

Keep scrolling to find out.В

Let's start with the ingredients list-it looked good. Promising a blend of light-but-nourishing camellia, watermelon seed, and jojoba oils, I was keen to give it a go. (I do love a beautiful, slippery facial oil.)В Once I got home and I got straight to work, cleansing, then serum-ing (is that a thing?), then pressing the oil onto my face. So how did it fare?В

Salt By Hendrix Mermaid Facial Oil $39Shop

It's a little heavier than I expected so I would not suggest applying it straight before bed like I initially did. Give it at least 10 minutes to fully absorb. (Also, it's not actually blue-fooled!) Upon waking after that first use, my skin looked calm and glowy. Considering I'd been having a crazyВ week of deadlines and life admin, and only sleeping six hours a night, I was impressed.В

Fast-forward a week and the tinyВ pimples I had around my brows and lips were gone without the need for drying acne products. My skin was even and soft. I almost always use a facial oil at night, but swapping out my go-to for this stuffВ was paying off. While I didn't develop any mermaid-like qualities, I did end up with a post-facial glow, without ever venturing into a salon. If you're shopping for a new facial oil, I definitely recommend this one-it's still part of my nightly regime.