Did You Know These Luxe Beauty Products Are Sold at Target?

Did You Know These Luxe Beauty Products Are Sold at Target?

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Does everyone breathe a sigh of relief when they walk into Target? For being a mega superstore, it's oddly comforting. You just get that feeling of “mmm I'm home.” We could get lost in virtually any section of the store-browsing $6 tees, perusing new home décor knickknacks, stocking up on greeting cards-but we always make sure to spend ample time inspecting the shelves of the beauty aisles. Naturally, we love the convenience of getting our Maybelline mascara, our La Roche-Posay sunscreen, and a few travel-size tubes of toothpaste all in one sweep. But what's even more exciting is the array of beauty brands you can only find at Target-and they're good ones.

Scroll through for seven reasons to make a Target run this week!

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