It's Official: This Is The Most Popular Online Beauty Brand (and It's not Glossier)

It's Official: This Is The Most Popular Online Beauty Brand (and It's not Glossier)

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It's no secret that the beauty industry is competitive. Actually, competitive might be an understatement (is cutthroat a better word?). With the sheer amount of products, collections, and collabs launching every single day, it seems impossible for one brand to rise above the rest. According to WWD, though, it's entirely possible. In fact, it has happened. SimilarWeb, a business analytics service, just released its report of the most trafficked beauty sites in the US, and Colourpop earned the top spot, beating out other online beauty giants like Glossier, MAC, and Tarte.

In April 2019, Colourpop's website saw 2.09 million direct visits. Jeffree Star Cosmetics earned the second spot with 2.07 million visits. Next came Avon, Younique, Glossier, L'OrГ©al Paris, Bh Cosmetics, Tarte, and MAC. Elf Cosmetics rounded out the top ten with 991,000 direct visits.

We're not surprised to hear Colourpop cinched the top spot for most trafficked US beauty site. The brand marries performance with affordability, which makes beauty accessible for people despite their expert level or budget. On top of that, Colourpop regularly launches new products and collections, which keeps the brand relevant and talked about. They also have a robust social media presence (7.7 million followers on Instagram alone).

Speaking of social media, the SimilarWeb report states that search and social media are the biggest contributors to website traffic after direct visits. When we shift the lens from total traffic to social media traffic alone, the rankings change a bit. "Jeffree Star receives 25.6 percent of all social traffic sent to the category, followed by Glossier at 21.8 percent, ColourPop at 14.4 percent and Younique at 12 percent,” the SimilarWeb report states. "The rest of the sites all sit below 6 percent."

This is fascinating stuff, right? It's nice to know what brands and influencers are making the biggest splash in the beauty industry. Now that we know it's Colourpop, let's talk specific products, shall we? Keep scrolling to see TK favorite Colourpop products we love to use.

Colourpop 6AM Super Shock Shadow $6Shop

Colourpop's Super Shock Shadows are iconic thanks to a variety of shades (which are all on-point) and a highly-pigmented formula.

Colourpop Blush Stix $9Shop

These blush sticks are creamy and easy to blend with just your fingers, which makes them the perfect cosmetic travel companion.

Colourpop Mind Trick Matte Lux Lipstick $8Shop

Who doesn't love a matte lipstick? This shade, which is called Mind Trick, is a shape-shifting shade that looks like a coral-red on pale skin tones and brick-red on deep skin tones. It's flattering on everyone.

Colourpop This Is For You Highlighter Palette $15Shop

Each one of these highlighters can be worn alone or layered for a unique shade. The warm-toned powders contain finely-milled shimmer that gives the skin a lit-from-within look.

Colourpop No Filter Matte Concealer $7Shop

The brand's complexion products shouldn't be missed, either. This creamy concealer has a matte finish, which disguises that certain shiny redness of blemishes.

Colourpop Wet Palette $12Shop

This eyeshadow palette has all the blue shades you need to create your own "Poolside Blue" eye makeup look (it's summer's #1 makeup trend).

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