7 Shiny New Foundation Launches That Will Quite Possibly Change Your Skin

7 Shiny New Foundation Launches That Will Quite Possibly Change Your Skin

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As someone who works in beauty, I think it's safe to say some of the most frequently asked questions are surrounding foundation. From how to make it last, to how to choose the perfect shade, searching for your holy-grail formula is no easy feat, especially when we consider the sheer volume of options at our fingertips.В

If you're still looking for the one, or you are feelingВ something fresh is necessary, you've come to the right place. Below, we've rounded up seven of the best new season foundation picks that will leave you with the glowing, even skin you've always dreamed of (true story). Keep scrolling for the perfect complexion.В

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup $58Shop

Think of this as the grown-upВ version of the OGВ formula you were obsessed with in high school. It's a soft, water-light liquid packed with hyaluronic acid for fresh, healthy-looking skin.В

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Second Skin Makeup $69Shop

This cult formula form Giorgio Armani is back on the scene after a 10-year hiatus and we're not mad. Unlike the dewy, glowy goodness that is Luminous SilkВ ($99), Face Fabric has a matte, comfortable finish that will stay perfect all day. It's a top pick if you're on the oilier side.В

Available March.В

Clinique Fit Post-Workout Neutralizing Face Powder $47Shop

If you're addicted to Pilates/running/crossfit or any other fitness-related activity, you need this powder in your life. It's yellow-toned for reducing the look of redness so that you can go for that lunchtime jog without looking like a tomato on your return. Dust it over bare skin post-workout and cleanse, before layering a light veil of your normal foundation on.В

Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation $71Shop

Nars is known for its incredible foundation, including this editors all-time favourite), so we all knew this new launch was set to be epic. It's a light but long-wearing formula that does not budge, flake, or melt off no matter what your day entails.В

Marc Jacobs Shameless Foundation $70Shop

Hung Vanngo himself told us that this foundation is the best he's ever used. Set to launch in Australia in March, it's a soft, buttery liquid that basically melts into skin flawlessly. The finish is perfect, but not overdone, and the shade range is epic.В

Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Spray $55Shop

We've long relied on the UD All-Nighter Mist to keep our face locked in, so this juiced-up version is definitely worth a try. It still keeps your face intact (bless), but also contains copper, magnesium, and zinc to fight free radicals-extremely necessary if you're in the city.В

Available February 27.В

Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony $22Shop

This drugstore buy is like creamy, baby-perfect skin in a pump. It's super hydrating but not greasy, making it a top pick for oily/dehydrated skin types. If fresh skin for less than a $25 is your jam, this is our pick for the season.В