Celebrity Stylists Swear By These Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair


Don't lose hope if your hair seems irreversibly damaged-we got you. There are tried-and-true hair treatments that cost as little as $5 (more on that later) that can bring your brittle ends back to life; you just have to know where to start. The first step to treating damaged hair is figuring out what caused your straggly, weak strands to lose strength. Are you using hot tools on your hair every day or making appointments to see your colorist a little too often? Be honest: We're all guilty of it.

Heat and chemical overprocessing are what's happening to your hair. And to tackle the issue, you need to get your hands on nourishing products that are formulated with specific ingredients to strengthen your locks. When you diligently treat your hair, you'll get your rocking texture back. Trust us-we tapped Schwarzkopf celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims and celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri to get the lowdown on their tried-and-true remedies. Keep reading for the top treatment they turn to for damaged hair.

Step 1: Search for Reparative Hair Products

According to Sims, one of the best ways to repair and treat damaged hair is to use a product that helps rebuild. "I like using a high-performance hair mask like Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Repair Anti Damage Mask ($5), which features liquid keratin to help reconstruct and restore damaged hair without weighing it down."

Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask $5ShopSmooth N' Shine Olive Oil and Tea Tree Deep Recovery Conditioner $9Shop

Step 2: Put Down the Hot Tools, and Cut Down on Color

"Excessive heat or using heat on the hair without a proper heat protectant is what leads to hair damage," explains Sims. "Coloring or overprocessing hair is also very common, especially if it's not done professionally. Stay away from heat, and be diligent about using a repairing hair mask. Also, always use leave-in conditioner; damaged hair is very delicate." Sims also suggests a major trim or cut to get rid of depleted and damaged hair.

Step 3: Give Your Strands Extra Moisture

"I love using a keratin treatment with a mixture of organic olive oil," suggests Sims. His go-to swap for hair treatment is Smooth 'N Shine Olive and Tea Tree Revive Oil Deep Conditioner ($9). "Let your hair sit under a dryer-this helps strengthen hair and lock in moisture. You can always ask your stylist about keratin-packed rebuilding treatments," he adds.

Step 4: Opt for a Product That Also Has Sun Protection

"I'm obsessed with the MarulaOil Rare Oil Intensive Mask ($39) because it goes a step further than just moisturizing the hair, it actually protects from UV rays," explains Capri. "Not many treatments offer protection from the sun, but this product does the trick since we all know the sun can be very drying and damaging to the hair. I like to apply this mask with my MarulaOil Classic Dressing Brush($50) all over the hair right when you get out of the shower-or even on dry hair to give yourself a treatment while you're on-the-go."

MarulaOil Rare Oil Intensive Hair Mask $38ShopMarulaOil Classic Dressing Brush $50Shop

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