These Simple Habits Will Improve Your Everyday Life-and Skin

These Simple Habits Will Improve Your Everyday Life-and Skin

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Let's take a second to think about the things that truly make us happy… Sure, there are the big-ticket items (hello, pricey beauty treatments and spa visits), but it's the smaller things-you know, our daily self-care rituals-that keep our minds clear and happy on a regular basis.

“Wellness to me is more than just taking care of myself; it's a lifestyle,” says Los Angeles-based blogger Julia Friedman. “I live a healthy, active lifestyle. I work out, I eat well, and I take care of my skin by using only the best nutrient-rich products. Once you actually get yourself on a healthy routine, your mental clarity improves, and you're happier and less stressed-at least I am.” В

In our never-ending questВ of living a happy, stress-free life, we asked Friedman to share the small habits she practices on a regular basis for looking and feeling her best. From exercising regularly to indulging in nourishing skincare from Weleda-one of the first wellness skincare lines that wasВ founded in Europe in 1921, with the idea that when we nurture ourselves with plant-rich ingredients, our beauty shines through. Here are a few key hints for kick-starting your own wellness plan.

Julia Friedman

Start your day off right

When it comes to Friedman's morning routine, she always starts with a healthy breakfast of scrambled egg whites with spinach and hummus, or a protein shake with berries and almond milk. As she drinks her coffee, she'll create her schedule for the day too. “Making daily lists are a must for me,” she says. “It only takes a few minutes, keeps me focused throughout the day, and keeps my anxiety low.”

Julia Friedman

Squeeze in a workout

It doesn't matter how much time you have-just get up and move your body; you'll be surprised by how much of an impact it can actually have on your day-to-day. “I suffer from anxiety, and working out is one of the only things that helps me. It's very calming: Even if it's only a 30-minute session, I always feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” explains Friedman, who likes switching between boxing, spin, or stretching at home.

Julia Friedman

Take care of your skin

For Friedman, a regular skincare routine makes her feel really good. “There's nothing like healthy-looking skin to have me feeling my best,” she says. But don't just use anything: What you put on your skin is just as important as what you eat. “I love the Weleda Skin Food line because everything is plant-rich and nourishing, and feeds my skin in more ways than I can count. Skin Food Original is full of nourishing ingredients that are great for the cold, like chamomile and calendula extract, which is perfect for me,” Friedman explains.

“Skin Food Light is a lighter version of the original, and I love how it feels on my skin” she continues. “It's buttery and not too heavy, and the rich blend of oils helps moisturize those areas that are hard to hydrate. The Lip Butter is made with essential oils and beeswax, which is my go-to for my severely dry lips. And the Body Butter, I just love. It's made with shea butter which is unbelievably moisturizing." Ed. note: The Weleda Skin Food line originally launched in 1926, and the formulas are nearly the same to this day.

Julia Friedman

Hydrate all day

Experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day for a reason. Sure, it can be hard to get yourself to actually do it, but once you make it part of your lifestyle, you'll notice a huge shift in your mindset. Water not only can increase your energy level, flush out nasty toxins, and keep your immune system in check, but it also helps keep your skin clear. “I aim to drink three liters a day, and when I don't, I can notice a difference,” explains Friedman.

Julia Friedman

Be sure to unwind

Being a busy blogger comes with its perks, but it's also really hard to disconnect at the end of the day. Friedman's solution? “I've been leaving my phone in a different room when I'm eating dinner or hanging with my boyfriend to try and separate work from my personal life,” she explains. Another must: “If I've had a really long day, I'll take a lavender Epsom salt bath, and it's the definition of heaven. It's such an easy way to take my mind off of things.”

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