10 Cute Shoulder-Length Hairstyles That Are Blowing Up on Pinterest

10 Cute Shoulder-Length Hairstyles That Are Blowing Up on Pinterest

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Shoulder-length cuts are a woefully underrated style that deserves a little more appreciation. After all, this is a cut that offers up a bevy of versatile styles that are simple to throw together while looking perfectly polished. This length is also lower maintenance compared to the ever-popular mermaid tresses. Maybe you just got your shoulder-length cut and are on the hunt for new ways style your hair-and if you did this to combat the summer sun, good thinking-or perhaps this is a style you've stuck with and are looking to change up your look with something new. We went to Pinterest to round up the most pinned looks to get a jump-start on a new way to style your locks. Keep reading for ten cute shoulder-length hairstyles users can't stop saving on Pinterest.

A messy low bun can be a saving grace on busy mornings when you need to head out the door while still looking put together-and this style does just that. After fastening your hair in a bun, pull out stray locks to frame your face. With a shoulder-length cut, you may naturally have a few loose strands, but it only adds to the effortless style of this look.

Instagram user Imri Starks creates this gorgeous look by piling her twists into a half-up, half-down style complete with a high bun. The layered ends add additional body and shape to the style. We love the addition of a high bun, the perfect summer-ready style to keep on hand this season.

This gorgeous low-bun by Jennie Kay Beauty uses a lock of hair wrapped around the top of the bun to hold it in place. While this style was originally intended as a bridal party hairstyle (adding this to our summer wedding hair ideas ASAP), we think it's casual enough to be used for everyday wear.

For curly-haired girls looking for an easy summer hairstyle for their shoulder-length tresses, a no-fuss pair of space buns may be exactly the style you need. This example on musician Lianne La Havas tops off the style with a pretty set of flower clips. Experiment by adding a few hair accessories of your own.

Straight or wavy-haired girls will love this simple miniature twist. Start with a half-up style, and twist the upper half of the hair into a small knot before securing with a clear elastic or bobby pin. This style doesn't have to be perfectly coiffed-let a few strands hang loose for a casual look that isn't overly done.

A half-up style looks gorgeous with shoulder-length, curly hair. Secure the top layer of hair high on the crown of the head for added volume, and pull out a few loose strands to come down in the front.

This cut on wavy hair looks so effortlessly polished. Staggered layers at the very ends add some additional volume while the crown of the head is left one length. If your hair is naturally straight, add a little extra curl to the ends of the hair, and run your fingers through to keep them from looking overly styled.

A shoulder-length hairstyle like this one is elegant enough to wear to work or save for the weekends. Start by gathering two separated strands of hair and twisting them before pinning at the center.

Model Tashi Rodiguez shows how stunning shoulder-length tresses can be with this simple style that looks amazing with wavy hair. Try this low-maintenance style by securing the top section while keeping your natural part in place. Browse the model's Instagram for more shoulder-length inspiration.

Blogger Louis Whitehouse models a low topknot that looks minimal and polished with her shoulder-length hair. This low knot loops down and across the knot for a fresh take on this popular style.

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