The Nail Color You Should Wear This November, According to Astrology

The Nail Color You Should Wear This November, According to Astrology

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You know what horoscopes are-but what about colorscopes? Color astrology is based on the belief that certain hues have the power to calm, energize, encourage, and ground you based on your unique astrology sign. And what better way to wear (and see) this color than to display it on your nails? Enter our series with Rose Theodora, resident astrologer and color expert at Enamel Diction. With a neuroscience and art history degree from UCLA, Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing the power color you should be wearing on your nails, as well as the specific shades and finishes for your own sign. Here'sВ more about colorscopes, if you're interested. Enjoy!

RED: Significant for its vital, life-giving qualities, this shade packs a punch. It increases blood flow, enhances the metabolism, is energizing, and renews outworn emotions still lying dormant. Allow its potency to consume you while you embody its fearlessness. Caution: Do not wear if you have high blood pressure.

The gist for November: Election Day is November 8, and then we have a super full moon in the sign Taurus 22Вє on the 14th, which is especially potent and positive. The moon will lovingly speak to the planet Pluto, surrendering to what we value and allowing it to transform our senses. Listening to our body and returning to the most sensual pleasures will help us to live more in the present moment. The new moon is in Sagittarius on the 29th, encouraging our need for freedom and truth. Thanksgiving will be lovely with the Moon in Libra.

Receiving:В Transactions aren't always financial-they can be personal too. When we give someone our time, when we invest ourselves, there is an energetic exchange that takes place. I'll leave the details to you, but for now, chew on this: You've been learning a lot lately and have been pretty focused on your career, especially over the last month. It's now time to enjoy some receptivity: Giving and receiving should always be a two-way street.

Your power shade this month is…

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Wearing a bright red energizes you and makes you feel like yourself again.В

Growth:В November is about you. Yes, it's technically Scorpio season, but Scorpio is your opposite sign, and with the full moonВ on the 14th in your sign, it will be about you in relation to your partnerships-who are you with or without them. The full moon on the 14th will make you more sensitive to your emotional and physical needs. Listen to your body, and don't be afraid to get lost a little. Traveling as a duo, probably for work, seems likely. Let go of rigidity and get grounded in the present moment. You're growing, and so are your relationships.

Your power shade this month is…

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This deep shade of red helps you live even more passionately.

Less stress: Life is an adventure, and typically you're good with change. Actually, you thrive on it, and this month is no exception. Remember who you are: a conduit for change, flexible and nonjudgmental. This is your natural state, and if you've drifted from it, let this be the month that you open yourself up again. Aside from the full moon on the 14th, which requires that you take it easy, November brings wisdom, travel, and deeper intimacy. Enjoy this lightness as you prepare for December to be a busy month of festivities.

Your power shade this month is…

Chanel Le Vernis in Espadrilles $28Shop

This vibrant shade of orangish red reminds you to be yourself.

Romance: Congratulations: You deserve a break. The new moon around Halloween kicked off a new romantic period for you, and if you are thinking to yourself hmm, not really, open your eyes! You're still working too hard. If you focus on the poeticism of life in early November, you'll begin to feel completely recharged. The new moon on the 14th brings a sensual subtlety that feels grounding. Overall, November promises a lot of fun, a hefty dose of romance and some extra expenses as we approach December, but don't stress too much, because you're investing in something long-term.

Your power shade this month is…

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This shade of deep and meaningful shade of red screams confidence.

A deeper understanding of time: The full moon on November 14 brings news related to your career. It may be that you're reassured or congratulated for a job well done. You've kind of been in the dark a little, or at least feel like you've been playing the waiting game, but that changes this month after the 19th. You're being tested related to love at the end of the month; with the new moon in Sagittarius, you'll be more focused on how you spend your time, particularly in whom you invest it. It matters more than ever now.

Your power shade this month is…

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Look at the big picture, contemplate the possibilities, and reflect on your use of time this month.В

Busy: November isn't a slow and relaxing month for you; in fact, it's quite the opposite. Save any major physical changes (new hair colors, etc.) until the 12th. You'll feel your best, and because you feel incredible, you'll make better choices. After the 19th, things start becoming much clearer, and aside from organizing your life, your love life becomes will become significantly important and joyful too.

Your power shade this month is…

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Wearing this red color matches your vibrancy.

Personal needs: Home feels good right now, and as much as you may want to push forward with your career, it's having to take a backseat (just for a minute) so that you can feel more in balance when things do pick up in January. Sit back a little and tie up loose ends by the full moon on the 14th. You'll feel much relief and support the last two weeks in November and will finally be able to get your finances in order, with the support of others or an institution, e.g., refinancing, etc.

Your power shade this month is…

Chanel Le Vernis in Rouge Essential $28Shop

This elegant shade of red is you and makes you feel right at home.

Creative expression: Creativity means many things to different people, but in this context, it means having the ability to freely explore your ideas, to visualize the life you want and to believe that you can experience your dreams-that they can actually become a reality. Money may have been tight, and you may have felt restricted in more ways than one, but that will ease up after the new moon in Sagittarius at the end of the month, on the 29th, to be exact. Be gentle with yourself and believe that what you desire is possible.

Your power shade this month is…

Chanel Le Vernis in Pirate $28Shop

Explore your creative ideas while wearing this hue of red; it will keep you in a positive flow.В

Work: November is a month of communication, socializing, and patience. You're in the last stretch of self-development, only now you're focusing more on your purpose and who you share that with. It's similar to last month, but the full moon on the 14th helps you to kick bad habits and to use your time more wisely. There will be a new moon in your sign at the end of the month, on the 29th, which is essentially your New Year! Make a wish; make it count.

Your power shade this month is…

Chanel Le Vernis in Mythique $28Shop

Wearing this deep shade of red makes your wishes tangible.

Engaged: Engaged can mean a lot of different things to people. Engaged can mean promising yourself to someone, but it can also mean being interested in your work and more passionate about life. However, in this case, it looks like it's leaning more toward romance. If you aren't ready to settle down, then think twice, and if you are, great! At the very least, you will be focused on your creative expression and on developing a deeper sense of self-worth.

Your power shade this month is…

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You'll feel sexy in November, and this polish only adds to your charisma.

Making your mark: November asks that you take action! You're gleaming with energy and enthusiasm this month, and you'll need to put your best foot forward to make lasting changes, to take your career to that next height. After the 8th, you'll feel much more confident and courageous to take more risks. If you have an opportunity to travel internationally this month, jump on it! Things will unfold nicely for you as the month progresses. Stay open to opportunities while tying up any loose ends at home so that you'll be able to focus on work.

Your power shade this month is…

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This shade of red is you, and you'll feel vivacious.

News: November is a month of unexpected news and events-are you ready Pisces?! Key dates to look forward to would be the 22nd, 26th, and the 30th. It's not good or bad; it's just revealing. Continue to work hard, keep the faith, and know that good things are coming your way-hopefully that financial security that you've needed. Stay creative and know that your solace can be found while listening to music. The first two weeks require that you rest when you need to; don't be so hard on yourself when you feel like staying in.

Your power shade this month is…

Chanel Le Vernis in Gitane $28Shop

This bright shade of red keeps you inspired.

Was your horoscope spot-on? Tell us in the comments, find out the best workout for your astrological sign, and follow @rosetheodoraВ [email protected]В on Instagram for more daily astrology and nail inspiration.


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