5 Ways to Instantly Feel Happier, According to a Psychologist

5 Ways to Instantly Feel Happier, According to a Psychologist

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Christmas is coming-but not soon enough, if you ask us. The dark mornings, less-than-desirable weather and the endless to-do lists we need to work our way through before the festivities can begin is all taking its toll. Oh, and it's only Monday, which means we have the whole week to plough through before the weekend arrives once again. To say our mood is low is an understatement.В

One way to feel happier or calmer if you're having a stressful day is to use colour to brighten your mood. Colour psychology, a relatively new area of research, explores how different hues affect our state of mind. It may seem too simple to work, but trust us bringing a little colour into your life on aВ grey, gloomy day can make all the difference.В Keep scrolling for five beauty tricks that will make you feel happier in an instant.

Wear red for compliments


Red has been found to increase attractiveness in both men and women, so slick on a red lipstick like MAC Lipstick (ВЈ16) in Ruby Woo and wait for the confidence-boosting compliments to come your way. A 2010 study by Rochester University found women saw men in red as more attractive, while a 2015 study by City University in New York found that women wearing red were seen as more attractive to men.

Wear blue to feel less stressed

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Blue is a relaxingВ colour: Just think about a clear blue sky or a calm blue sea-you probably feel better already. Colour researcher Nancy J. Stone, a professor of psychology at the University of Creighton, found people feel less anxious about tasks when they see the colour blue. If you have a particularly anxious week ahead, then paint your nails a blue polishВ and look at them when you're feeling stressed.

See yellow to feel happier

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A study by the VU University in Amsterdam found a link in adults between the colour yellow and the happiness emotion. Get yourself a yellow toothbrush so each morning you see the colour for an instant mood boost!

Wear pink to feel calm


Like blue, pink is associated with the feeling of calmness. In fact, one hue named “drunk tank pink” was found in 1979 by psychologists to drain people of strength if they looked at the shade for two minutes, which is why some prison cells are painted in this colour (it's similar to that of Pepto-Bismol). If you're feeling angry, counteract that mood with a slick of pink lipstick.

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See green to boost creativity

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A 2012 study by the University of Munich got participants to carry out a creativity test after showing them a coloured screen saver. The green shade sparked the most creativity in the participants every time. If you're feeling sapped of any creativity, then look to keep a green candle on your desk at work to help boost your brain power.

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