6 Makeup Tips We Learned That Got Us so Many Compliments

6 Makeup Tips We Learned That Got Us so Many Compliments

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Our jobs make it such that we're around makeup artists a lot, whether it's over Instagram and email or in person. That means we've had the chance to soak up some of their genius tricks through both intensive lines of questioning (we love tips) and osmosis. It's those tiny, subtle little changes that end up making all the difference.

So we decided to round up all the best ones-the most helpful makeup tips that have garnered the most compliments post-application. Below, the editors of ByrdieВ share their most prized makeup tips, where they learned them, and how to re-create the look yourself.


Use Cream Products for a Natural Daytime Look

"A makeup artist once told me that for daytimeВ makeup, cream products (eye shadows, highlighters, bronzers, blush) are almost always the way to go because they're less cumbersome and look more natural than powders. I promptly became obsessed with cream formula everything, and that eventually led me to my favorite eye shadow: Tom FordВ Cream Color For Eyes in Sphinx and Opale. I just tap the multidimensional rosy-gold Spynx onto my lid and dab the light champagne Opale in the inner corners. It'sВ soВ simple, but I getВ complimentsВ every time I wear this stuff."В - Amanda Montell, features editor

Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes in Sphinx $46Shop Byrdie / Maya Allen

Never Wear Just One Foundation Shade on Your Face

"BeyoncГ©'s makeup artist, Sir John,В once told meВ you should never wear one foundation shade on your face. Our face isn't just one color, and to avoid looking one-dimensional, it's important to highlight, contour, and sculpt your skin accordingly with one lighter foundation and one deeper foundation. He loves the DiorВ DiorSkin Star FoundationВ for this technique." - Maya Allen, assistant editor

DiorВ @erin_evelynxo

Soak Your Beautyblender in Rose Water

"A few months ago, my favorite GlamSquad MUA,В Alyna Ajere,В soaked her Beautyblender in the Heritage Store classic rose water elixir before applying Kevyn Aucoin's Sensual Skin Enhancer on my face as both a foundation and a concealer. I don't know why I had never thought to dampen my blender with anything other than water before that, but now I do it every time, and it's completely changed the way my skin looks. My foundation stays on longer, looks more natural, has the prettiest dewy finish, and I feel like I'm simultaneouslyВ gifting my skin with some additional rehab while I'm making myself up." - Erin Jahns, assistant editor

Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin $6Shop Paley Fairman

Try Lipstick as Eye Shadow

"By now it's not news that two years ago, Burberry Beauty modelВ Iris LawВ taught me about putting liquid lipstick on your eyelids, and I've been slathering lipstick all over my lids ever since. The monochromatic pairing of the same color on my eyes and lips always yields much praise. AfterВ over a year of experimenting,В these eightВ are my favorite lipsticks to use as eye shadow." - Amanda Montell, features editor

Sisley Phyto Lip Twist $50Shop @gouldhallie

Apply Concealer With a Fluffy Eye Shadow Brush

Katie Jane Hughes, the queen of all things natural-looking and impossibly glowy, taught me a concealer trick I've used almost every day since. Rather than caking on foundation, Hughes opts for a more effortless, real-skin makeup application by blending on concealer in any problem areas-and nothing else. She applies the concealer to her hand to warm it up and buffs it on with a fluffy blending brush in small circles. That way, you're never adding too much product but you can still get the coverage you crave.В

E.l.f. Fluffy Eye Blender Brush $4Shop @erin_evelynxo

Allow the Mascara on Your Top Lashes to Add Definition to Your Bottom

"Adele's makeup artist, Michael Ashton, said that if you don't want to apply mascara onto your lower lashes or don't like how heavy it looks (I have super-long lower lashes,В soВ they can look scary and spidery really quickly), just close your eyes for a few moments immediately after applying mascara on your top lashes-while it's still wet-soВ that it kind of just naturally touches and layers or lower lashes to add really subtle dimension. It's genius!" - Erin Jahns, assistant editor

Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara $24Shop

FYI: These are the best foundations for anyone over 40.


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