Watch: A Twiggy-Inspired Makeup Tutorial for Halloween (and Beyond)

Watch: A Twiggy-Inspired Makeup Tutorial for Halloween (and Beyond)

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Makeup artistВ Katie Jane Hughes is a major inspiration to us. She's created hundreds of makeup looks that are fresh and editorial, with vivid pops of color and expert technique. If you haven't spent hours scrolling through her Instagram like we have, then considerВ this suggestion our gift to you: You need to check it out. Her feed is full of unexpected color combinations (like cherry red lips paired with bright pink eyes), application tips and tricks, and more.

Here, she shows us how to create a look we love. It's a vintage-inspired look (slightly reminiscent of Twiggy and her famous '60s liner) that has a modern twist due to its use of clean lines and negative space.В To see how she creates this look with eye shadow instead of liner, as well as how she uses a budget-friendly French pharmacy skincare product to clean up any stray edges, watch the full tutorial.

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