Karl Lagerfeld Just Launched a Makeup Line, and It's Filled With Mini Karls

Karl Lagerfeld Just Launched a Makeup Line, and It's Filled With Mini Karls

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His cat has more Instagram followers than you, he bathes in fancy French micellar milk, and he drives the ship at two of the most iconic fashion houses in the world (you may have heard of Chanel and Fendi?) not to mention his own namesake line. He's Karl Lagerfeld, ladies and gentleman. As if his accolades weren't extensive enough, today he adds beauty creator to the list. The fashion designer just launched an over-50-piece makeup line with Australian makeup label ModelCo under his Karl Lagerfeld fashion house brand, and we got the first look.

First impression: It's very Karl-centric, which isn't surprising if you know anything about him. I'm talking mini Karl lip balms, Karl-topped lip glosses, and fluffy Karl brushes. As a Choupette fan (that would be his cat, who lives a luxurious life I can only dream of and also follows me on Instagram, which I consider a crowning life achievement), I was pleased to see an eye shadow palette in the shape of a sunglasses-donning Choupette, as well as a liquid eyeliner with a Chopuette stamp on one end.

The entire collection is supposed to help you achieve “illuminated beauty,” which I assume means glowing, bronzed skin à la model Stella Maxwell (who also happens to be the face of the campaign-interview to come). To see the entire collection and some of the products on my face, keep scrolling.

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Liquid Liner and Beauty Stamp $30Shop

This liner has a felt tip on one end and a stamp of Karl or Choupette on the other. Really, what more could you want? I tried it in the morning and it stayed on all day with no smudging (the liner, not the stamp). I also love how easy the felt-tipped end made it to flick out a wing.

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Buki Brush $28Shop

This kabuki brush is soft and fluffy and perfect for dusting bronzer and/or highlighter on the high points of your face.

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Liquid Luminizer Strobing Pen $33Shop

I received the darkest shade of this liquid highlighter wand, so I treated it more like a liquid bronzer. I tapped it on my cheekbones and blended it in with my fingers. The final effect wasn't as dewy as I was expecting, and it left more of a flat, bronzy shimmer. As someone who considers herself a dew addict, I like a bit more sheen from a liquid product. However, I did like how easy it was to blend it and how just a few swipes instantly made me look more sun-kissed.

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Luxe Highlight & Glow in Bronze $40Shop

I tend to steer clear of shimmery bronzers, so I was a little apprehensive to try this product. However, I was surprised at how natural it looked. I used the large Karl brush to sweep it all over my face, and I did indeed feel more J.Lo-esque afterward. It's not an everyday bronzer, at least for me. I'd save it for nights out when I really want to turn up the glow.

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Lip Lights Lip Gloss $28Shop

This was probably my favorite product I tried from the line. The gloss goes on more like a balm in the sense it feels super hydrating and not sticky at all and has a sheer red tint that's really flattering. I feel like it instantly made me look more put-together in just a few seconds, which, as a person with a lazy approach to my makeup routine, is important to me. Scroll below to see it on.

Faith Xue Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Lip Lights Lipstick $28Shop

This matte lipstick was easy to apply and didn't feel super drying after it set. I wouldn't say the formula necessarily blew me away, but I did like the rosy shade and that it didn't feel like Wite-Out on my lips like most liquid lipsticks do. You can see it in action below.

Faith Xue Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Lip Lights Top Coat $28Shop

I've avoided lip gloss ever since I breezed through most of my teen years with too much mango-flavored clear Lip Smackers smeared on my lips (which I thought made me look grown-up and alluring, but in reality just made me look like I was constantly eating fried chicken), but lately I've been revising my old nemesis. The latest versions have felt more hydrating and give an attractive sheen instead of a full-on gloss. Such is the case with this version, which has shimmery rose-gold flecks that make your lips look juicy and, dare I say, alluring.

Keep scrolling to see the rest of the collection!

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl More Brows Gel Crayon $26ShopKarl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Choupette Eyeshadow Palette $65ShopKar Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Turbo Lashwand Heated Lash Curler $29ShopKarl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Glitter Eyeliner Duo $28ShopKarl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Collectable Karl Brush Collection $54ShopKarl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Kiss Me Karl Lip Balm $15Shop

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