5 Oil-Control Products That WORK, According to the Internet

5 Oil-Control Products That WORK, According to the Internet

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Summer is here, and we couldn't be happier. Sunset barbecues, long days at the beach, outdoor concerts… We heart it all. However, as much as we love the warmer weather, lounging by the pool, and blissfully enjoying our languid beach days, we're not so fond of the icky layer of grease that inevitably appears almost the second we step outside. We would love to think we look glowy and sun-kissed, but the slick and sweaty reality is not quite as attractive.

Even though there are countless products on the market that all claim to control unwanted shine, the selection is daunting. That's where our friends at Rank and Style-a website dedicated to simplifying shopping for fashion and beauty addicts alike-come in. Always impartial, Rank & Style's epic lists of top-selling products divulge the products that actually work, using a unique algorithm that gathers data from all corners of the web. So, you can rest assured these shine busters will do what they're told, and go back to frolicking on the beach. Keep scrolling to see the best shine-busting products on the market!

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