A Natural Hair Blogger Shares the Secrets to Her Screenshot-Worthy Curls

A Natural Hair Blogger Shares the Secrets to Her Screenshot-Worthy Curls

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You can't help but do a double take after feasting your eyes on beauty and style vlogger Janibell's glorious head of curls. Every single coil is simply breathtaking. Yes, her hair is gorgeous, but she has an equally beautiful spirit. She stuns her 38,000 Instagram followers daily with honest, authentic, and vulnerable content all women will feel connected to.

There's a story behind her curls: "If you're familiar with the dynamic of a Hispanic household, you know that straight hair is 'good' hair and wavy, curly, or kinky hair is 'pelo malo,' or 'bad' hair," says Janibell. "Nowadays, things are changing for the better. However, textured hair has yet to be accepted as 'normal."Eso es la moda ahora,' or 'that's the style now' is everyone's favorite line when asked why my hair is so big and curly. My hair is not a fashion statement; it is a part of me in the most literal and figurative way possible."

She took us through her curly hair routine when it's wash day. Here are her step-by-step routine and the products she relies on to get that perfect bounce. If you have curls, listen up.

Step 1. Scalp Massage


"I start by using sweet almond oil or castor oil and massaging that into my scalp for 10 or 15 minutes," says Janibell. "It seems like a long time, so I try to watch something while I do it so I don't get impatient. I don't get as many cuts as I should throughout the year, so this is a good way to stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth."

Step 2. Shampoo

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"I try to shampoo once a week. I try not to keep it in too long. I do one solid shampoo and don't repeat because I don't want to eradicate my scalp from all its oils."

Step 3. Condition

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"This mask is really good for moisture retention. I leave this in for about 15 to 20 minutes in the shower while I handle everything else. My hair steams naturally from the heat of my shower."

Step 4. Detangle


"Before I get out of the shower, I detangle and wash all the conditioner out," says Janibell. "I like to separate my hair into four sections. Then I use a Denman brush or a wide-tooth comb and run it through each section while the conditioner is still in my hair. The conditioner helps my knots fall right out. I mean, it still takes a while because my hair is long and I have a lot of strands. But my detangling process doesn't take hours." After detangling, Janibell rinses the conditioner out of her hair completely.

"After I get out of the shower, I like to use a regular cotton T-shirt to take out all the excess water in my hair. I prefer to style my hair when it's damp, so I like to leave it in the towel for five to 10 minutes."

Step 5. Drying Method


"I'm cool with drying my ends and mid-shaft all the way and keeping my scalp damp. If the weather's not too crazy, I don't mind leaving my hair 80% dry and letting air-drying work its magic. If it's really cold outside, I'll let it dry it all the way because it's been a rough winter," says Janibell.

Her go-to drying product: "Diffusing takes too long, and it doesn't give me as much volume as regular blow-dryers. I like bringing blow-dryers through my scalp while I'm scrunching my hair upward. That way, I'm getting bounce but I'm creating enough frizz for volume. The bigger the hair, the better the hair is for me."

Step 6. Styling

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"I start by parting my hair in half down the middle. I take my bangs out of the way because I do them last. First I'll distribute the Ouidad Styling Cream through each section."

Eco Styler Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Gel $10Shop

"Next, I'll apply this Eco Styler Gel." Janibell always follows up with an oil to guarantee her curls don't have that hard, tacky feeling.В

Proclaim Glycerin Moisture Blend $20Shop

"This oil is really hydrating, and it helps keep the cast of whatever gel I use. I don't like crunchy curls, so to get that fluffy, light effect, I always use an oil at the end of whatever routine I have for that day."

Refresh Method

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"To refresh, I spray this all over my head and massage my scalp. Then I'll use an oil and a hair pick to pick out my hair. My refresh method is usually a combination of a leave-out, oil, and a pick."

The takeaway: The bigger the curls, the better. And that's your insider's guide to Janibell's curly hair routine.В


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