These Essential Oil Diffusers Will Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa

These Essential Oil Diffusers Will Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa

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Self-care varies from person to person and takes on many forms. It can involve anything from taking a bath, eating a nourishing meal, doing a sweat-dripping workout, to drinking a glass of wine (hey, it contains antioxidants).В В

For me, scent plays a major role in my self-care routine. Next to my bed is a lavender, bergamont, chamomile and CBD oil roll-on by Sagely, Le Labo's Santal 26 candle, and a lavender room spray my fiancГ© bought for me. Recently, I've also added Vitruvi's ultrasonic oil diffuser to my relaxation routine. I set it to a 7-hour, 30-second interval and breathe in the benefits of bergamot, including reducing stress and anxiety. It also has antidepressant and stimulating qualities, like increasing energy and improving the circulation of your bloodflow. When the diffuser is on, I catch myself taking deep breaths to inhale the soothing scent.

“Aromatherapy diffusersВ have the ability to interact with the brain and many systems of the body to impact mood and overall health,” says Barbara Close, Naturopathica founder and aromatherapist. “Diffusing lavender on your bedside table can help lull you to sleep, while diffusing citrus oils work as a mood-booster, especially during the winter months when the days are short.” Close adds that essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint can also combat a stubborn cold, and can even serve as a disinfectant aid in your house by adding a few drops of tea tree oil.В В

To help you reap the benefits of essential oils, here's an extensive list of the top 10 oil diffusers out there, both nebulizing (not using water) and ultrasonic (using water). Keep scrolling for the perfect device to add to your wellness ritual.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser $119Shop

Beautifully crafted in a matte ceramic finish, the stone diffuser comes in six colors including the limited edition Tuscany Collection: Terracotta, Sage and Sand. The permanent collection colors are white, black, and blush. Note: the blush is only available on Sephora. Because they're all dreamy, choosing which color will be a difficult decision. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Aera Smart Diffuser $200Shop

Bring hygge into your life with Aera. You can control the smart diffuser over WiFi using their app or an Amazon Alexa, or you can opt for a touch diffuser. Unlike the other oil diffusers, Aera uses their scent capsulation technology instead of drops of essential oils. Smart features include monitoring the fragrance life and scheduling diffusion time. Both devices allow you to control the intensity. “Alexa, will you order me one? Thanks.”

Campo Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser $97Shop

This ultrasonic diffuser comes in a natural wood finish, white ceramic, and black ceramic. Bonus: you can accessorize it with a limited-edition leather artisan cuff. There's also a travel diffuser with USB capability so that you can use it in on the go, like in your car or at a hotel. We need this.

Le Labo Santal 26 Home Diffuser $597Shop

Sure, the price of this diffuser is steep, but can you put a price on a luxury olfactory experience? Crafted on maple wood, this diffuser features a light bulb, a nebulizer that transforms Santal 26 fragrance oil into a mist, and a knob that allows you to control the glow of the light and fragrance level. Your home will smell like notes of amber, coco, vanilla, cedar and musk.

Saje Aroma Time White $189Shop

Choose from geometric shapes in gold, chrome and black to a square automatically-timed device, Aroma Time, which you can pre-set to start in the morning and night. The diffuser features two tanks-fill it with relaxing drops to the likes of lavender for nighttime and citrus to help you rise.В

Ekobo ONA Aromatherapy Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser $85Shop

A nebulizing diffuser, ONA by Ekobo doesn't require water or heat. The outer and base is made with bamboo fiber, while the nebulizer chamber is mouth-blown glass. Colors include off-white, black, and gray.

Follain Essential Oil Diffuser $48Shop

This non-toxic beauty brand also creates a handcrafted beech wood and ceramic ultrasonic diffuser. Added bonus: it features ambient lighting and up to 18-hours of misting.В

Muji Ultrasonic Diffuser $70 $56Shop

This minimalistic ultrasonic diffuser made by Muji comes in two sizes and features two adjustable light levels and four different set of timers.

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