This Is the Secret to Healthier Cuticles and Longer Nails

This Is the Secret to Healthier Cuticles and Longer Nails

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My nails are long, as in, acrylic extensions long but without the acrylic extensions. When I tell you I moved house last week, ferrying and unpacking boxes without breaking a nail, you might think that's a pretty impressive statement for me to make. And when I tell you that only a month ago my nails were short and brittle, and my cuticles looked like they'd been ravaged by tiny, finger-sized bears, I'm pretty sure you'll want in on my secret.

In terms of my nails, a lot has changed in the last month. Four weeks ago, I headed down to see my boyfriend's parents, and his sister, also named Amy (yep, it can get confusing), was visiting too. She's a part-time nail technician based in Essex, so while I was there, she gave me a Gelish manicure. (FYI, this isn't why my nails have grown-I'll get to that soon.) Not only was the manicure great, but my cuticles looked miles better too. At the end, Amy handed me a small bottle of Dadi'Oil and told me to apply it twice a day. Yes, my cuticles were that bad, so I decided to take the hint and give it a try.

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I politely accepted the oil but didn't have very high hopes; you see, I've dabbled in cuticle oils before and never really noticed a change. But this little bottle came so highly recommended I had to give it a go.В The oil launched here in 2012 and was created by Jim Nordstrom, who formulated CND's Solar Oil ($9). It's 95% certified organic and contains 20 naturally derived ingredients and essential oils, including lavender, bergamot, and vanilla, to toughen your nails up while keeping them flexible not brittle.

At first, I sporadically applied it, but once my Gelish was removed, I started trying to slather it on as often as I could remember, which was about one to two times per day. I keep it by my bed as a reminder. A week after the Gelish was removed, I noticed my cuticles still hadn't reverted back to their pre-manicure state, which they normally would have done. My nails were also growing, and they were strong. I know it's the oil making the difference because nothing else in my nail routine has changed.В

Amy Lawrenson

On the left: a week into my Gelish manicure. On the right: after four weeks. (Obviously, they are in need of shaping and polishing, but look at that length!)

It's been four weeks since I started using Dadi'Oil, and I have just one stubborn hangnail. (I used to have one on every finger.) My nails are getting so long that I'm actually going to have to get a manicure to make them shorter, whereas in the past, when I was asked what shape I wanted at the salon, I would just sheepishly reply, "Whatever you can do with them." It's a manicure miracle.

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