This Drugstore Brand Is About to Drop a Foundation That Comes In 40 Shades

This Drugstore Brand Is About to Drop a Foundation That Comes In 40 Shades

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CovergirlВ has long been aВ favourite on the drugstore beauty circuit, and now we have a reason to love them a little more. From September, the brand is launching a new foundation that comes in 40 shades, and it's only going to cost $20. Yep, you read that correctly. 40 shades at $20. The Matte Made Foundation is coming to major Australian retailers from September 2018 and is designed to deliver a transfer-proof, comfortable matte finish that wears all day.В

Inclusivity is aВ big part of the beauty businessВ these days, and Covergirl has hit the markВ with a winning formula at an affordable price point, in a diverse range of colours. So, quite literally everyone can wear it. Is this not the best news you've ever heard? We think so.В

For a pre-launch glimpse, keep scrolling.В

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