The Nail Color You Should Wear in March, According to Your Horoscope

The Nail Color You Should Wear in March, According to Your Horoscope

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With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA,В Rose TheodoraВ is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using. Consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.

This month, she's sharing the nail color you should wear in March, based on your sign. Each color is thoughtfully selected for your sign and with the current astrological landscape in mind. You can also read for your sun, moon, and rising signs.

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Pisces:В Happy Birthday!В The sun, new moon and Venus are all making their way into your sign this month. Think of this time as a personal holiday where the spotlight is shining on you. Make time to get more in touch with your personal style and to rework your communication style and self-expression. You are a light in the world when you are leading without co-dependancy.В

Your nail polish shade:В A gentle green/blue hue to remind you of your inner magic and chill disposition.

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Aries:В Big changes are afoot, and if you've learned anything over the past year it's that your strongest asset is fearlessness. This month, you're reconnecting with your vulnerable side and checking your reality more than once. This process is liberating, and will lead you into some uncharted territories-say yes to them! Oh, and Mercury retrograde is revealing your blind spot, and it's a good thing.

Your nail polish color:В A fiery red-orange to match your take-charge disposition.

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Taurus:В Prepare forВ big changes. Uranus moving into your sign on March 6, where it will be for the next six years, means that you aren't ever going to be the same person. For a security-focused sign like you, you are being nudged to take more risks that threaten the very security that you so heavily rely on. Take a chance-it will be well worth the discomfort. Mercury retrograde is reintroducing long lost friends back into your life.

Your nail polish color:В An ardent, passionate fuchsia pink.

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Gemini:В Mercury, your ruling planet is going retrograde-this means that you're a little more affected than everyone else, but that you'll also get more out of it than others. Mercury retrograde is requesting that you take your time making important decisions that affect your image and that you contemplate how your parents contributed to your self-image or lack thereof. Expect more social recognition and spiritual epiphanies this month. В В

Your polish shade:В What you need now is a little magic, like this slightly sparkly bubblegum pink.В

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Cancer:В This month is one for the books! The vision that you have for your life is changing. Spend some time reworking and refining your personal philosophy and dream space. It's only a matter of time before everything starts falling in and out of place to align with you. Your future is as bright as you imagined it!

Your polish shade:В A deep blue, with some sparkle and sheen.

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Leo:В What you do and who you are to the world is about to shake up your reality, so get ready! Mercury retrograde is inspiring you into deeper intimacy with your finances and relationships. Don't forget that all relationships are a two-way street of give and take, but the most important one is the one that you have with yourself, not your output and emotional, financial feedback that you receive from those and the world around you. Surrendering to your deepest dreams is a good place to start.

Your polish shade:В A brightВ raspberryВ with some shimmer.В

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Virgo:В The Full Moon in your sign on February 19 nudges you to let go of your micromanaging ways in favor of a more fluid approach to life. This means going with the flow and trusting that, despite your need to control your surroundings, things will always work out how they are meant to. Mercury retrograde (Mercury is your planet) is opposite your sign meaning that you're inspired to communicate differently and even get insights as to how to make your relationships more receptive.В В

Your polish shade:В A boisterous ultraviolet to spark new confidence.В

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Libra:В Venus, your ruling planet, aligns in fellow air sign Aquarius on March 1. This will remind you how social you can be and what fun is to you. Mercury retrograde requires that you manage your time more wisely-this means eating healthier, expecting delays, giving yourself extra time, experimenting with aВ new fitness routine, and making time to reconnect to your mind and body, like through meditation.

Your polish shade:В A calming, pearlescentВ baby pink.

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Scorpio:В Uranus moving into your opposite sign, Taurus, foretells that your relationships will no longer be subtle; either they are in-your-face supportive, exciting, liberating, intense, out of this world-or-confining, suffocating, restricting, and/or out of control. Remember that relationships are always a reflection of the connection that you have to yourself-start there before cutting ties. Mercury retrograde allows things to transpire more naturally.

Your polish shade:В AВ vibrant neon pink or raspberry.В В

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Sagittarius:В Work seems to be a theme this year (or just that you're so busy you don't know what to do with yourself). Expect that for a surprisingly hardworking sign such as yourself, you are dying for more independence and autonomy this month. Stay open, make extra time for rest, and care for yourself. Mercury retrograde bringsВ issues in the home to a head, or at the very least, you're considering repainting your place. Nonetheless, you'll want to rest more.

Your polish shade:В A calming, cool light blue.

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Capricorn:В As a Capricorn, you prefer clear, straightforward communication, yet somehow you don't always communicate that way-perhaps that's why you tend to keep things fairly simple. Mercury retrogradeВ reminds you of your poetic thoughts and reconnects you to your dreamy imagination.В Consider this month a month of reconnecting with yourself.

Your polish shade:В AВ lustrous pale gold,В symbolic of the rockstar that you are.

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Aquarius:В Your planet, Uranus, is moving into Taurus on March 6. This implies that you're the mode of existence. Doing things your way will be redirected towards finances and relationships, which will make you more apt to commit to fulfilling partnerships and business ventures during this time. At the very least, you're liberating yourself from your childhood conditioning. Mercury retrograde inspires you to follow your heart and tune into your feelings more.

Your nail polish shade:В A soft, baby blue shade instills quiet and calm in this transition period.

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