6 Things Martha Hunt Has Learned in 11 Years as a Supermodel

6 Things Martha Hunt Has Learned in 11 Years as a Supermodel

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After just one year into her careerВ as a runway model, Martha Hunt was featured on the cover of seven magazines:В Vogue China,В Harper's Bazaar,В GQ,В Revue des ModesVGlamour Germany, andВ Muse. Not just a smallВ quarter-page interview, not a print ad, but right smack on the cover for all passersby to see and wonder, Who's that girl?В In a quick come-up,В she swiftly made a name for herselfВ as an elite model and eventually signed with IMG, which catapulted her trajectory even further.В

Hunt's almond-shaped Caribbean Sea-blue eyesВ and steep,В fervent brows are piercing, the sort of features a camera lens eats up, and her runway walk is soft and fluidВ yet completely captivating all the same. So it isn't the slightest bit surprising that she'sВ been tapped to walk in hundreds of high-fashion shows as well as by Victoria's Secret, for which she's been an Angel for four years.В Due to the fact that she's spent years as an in-demand model, Hunt has learned several key takeaways that are easily applicable to daily life, even if a catwalk isn't in your near future. Below, her six most valuable lessons.

Emily Soto

1. Take Your Workouts Seriously

"Work out very hard. This year, I upped my game and I set a goal for myself to improve my squat form and my squats have gotten so much better."

2. Facials Make a Big Difference

"I like to do an oxygen facial by Mzia Shiman. I also go to Tracie Martyn because they have a red light bed that helps with inflammation and muscle recovery. It also gives you a collagen boost."

3. Sharing Is Caring, Especially When It Comes to Advice

"Don't be afraid to ask other girls for advice and tips. Some of the girls will work out with different trainers that could help you out, or they might have a certain smoothie recipeВ or travel tips that will help you better prepare for the show."

4. Find Time to Meditate

"I like to practice transcendental meditation. I try to get in 20 minutes twice a day in the days leading up to the show. It helps me clear my mind and feel more centered and prepared to walk the runway. Sometimes you get stressed out and there's a lot of noise around you, and this helps block out the noise."

5. Take Your Vitamins

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"Especially as I'm getting older, vitamins are really important to add into my daily routine because they give me a boost of energy that lasts throughout the day."

6. Wear a Power Fragrance

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"Always apply a splash of fragrance before hitting the runway. Wearing fragrance instantly makes me feel more confident and ready to walk into a room. I always wear fragrance whenever I'm going to work or to a holiday party because it immediately makes me feel better of myself. I'm excited to walk the runway this year inВ Victoria's Secret Love StarВ for that extra boost of confidence. В It has this downtown-girl vibe, which I'm really feeling for this year's show. I'm also in the downtown-girls section, so it's going to always remind me of this year's fashion show. It's also the perfect holiday gift!"

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